Some professions, like judges and drivers, remain off limits to women. In how many cases has the ministry taken action against female students not abiding by the mahram requirement, and what action was taken in each case? Most Shared January 30, Dispatches. Haifa and Guardian Permission to Work Dr. Women have continued to campaign for the right to drive. The state itself has actively imposed restrictions on women or failed to take measures to halt discriminatory cultural or social practices.

Najma is unable to finish her degree. However, she said judges still maintain vast individual discretion and women would benefit from a clearer law. What is the ti m etable f o r int r oduci n g p h ysical education f or g i r ls in public schools? She called her husband, but he was unable to come to the court. Requiring guardian permission for women to travel makes it difficult for women exposed to family violence to escape abuse. We write to request a meeting with yourself and other government officials to discuss our findings and recommendations, including to the Ministry of Health, which form part of a report that we will publish this year. After an hour and a half of continued protest, the court officer reluctantly accepted her national ID. Women who have escaped abuse in shelters may, and in prisons do, require a male relative to agree to their release before they may exit state facilities.

Under the Protection from Abuse Law, authorities can, in cases of abuse, institute protection measures such as ensuring victims receive health care, taking steps to prevent recurrence of abuse, summoning and obliging offending parties to sign pledges, sending victims to aprt, and forcing offenders to undergo psychological treatment or rehabilitation. Najma is unable to finish her degree.

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The decision to accept the ID or not is often left to the discretion of a local court officer, according to three activists. Do any public universities continue to require ak guardian permission to enroll adult female students? Failing to abide by sex segregation rules can entail serious consequences.

For each category of claim, please include data on how many cases have been filed and in which region. According to Aisha, the police called her brothers to take her home, who later forced her to marry a fifth man.


And the law would protect him.

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Init passed a law criminalizing domestic abuse and, inestablished a center specifically tasked with receiving and responding to reports of family violence. The state itself has actively imposed restrictions on women or failed to take measures to halt discriminatory cultural or social practices. Many aspects of the guardianship system are not codified in law but stem from informal practice—both by private actors and government officials. Does the ministry receive complaints from women that allege gender discrimination in the workplace, including private and public sector employers requiring guardian permission for women to work or being asked by government officials to present a male manager or male agent to secure a business license?

The Red Crescent raised these issues with the Ministry of Education and requested that the ministry release instructions to these institutions to better facilitate access.

Women and Saudi Arabia’s Male Guardianship System | HRW

If a woman is asking for divorce, it will take a year to get the papers. According to abuse specialists, shelter administrators generally prefer that a woman leaves in the care of her guardian but, if the guardian is the abuser, often allow her to leave with another mahram.

After an hour and a half of continued protest, the court officer reluctantly accepted her national ID. Women explained that, lacking a written family law code, judges are not given clear guidance on what constitutes mistreatment as grounds for divorce. Other Islamic legal experts have argued that male guardianship as interpreted by Saudi Arabia misinterprets fundamental Quranic precepts and that male scholars have elevated guardianship over Hatat concepts like equality and respect between the sexes.

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To protect episore woman] from [her] abuser, [we] need to pzrt her the right to protect herself. If the Saudi government intends to end discrimination against women 19 it has promised and to further the reforms hayar has already begun to undertake, it cannot allow restrictions inherent within the guardianship system to continue. Amena died before she reached the hospital. Multiple women told Human Rights Watch that guardians will occasionally condition their consent—informal or formal—for a woman to work on her sharing part or all of her salary with him.


The Protection from Abuse Law provides an important measure: According to Zahra, bayat and her sister told the charity that their father physically abused them when they were children, but the organization said it could not intervene unless the physical abuse was ongoing.

Regardless, she applied to a foreign university. It is like I am property. Saudi Arabia has made a series of limited changes over the last 10 years to ease restrictions on women. According to the Interior Ministry website, a woman must prove her identity to obtain an ID card, either by presenting her passport which a woman cannot receive without guardian consentby a male guardian confirming her identity, or through a related Saudi woman or two non-related Saudi woman.

Has the ministry issued any clarifications or guidelines, beyond the implementing regulations, regarding the Protection from Abuse Law?

There are no sanctions imposed on employers who require guardian permission, according to three women, including two employers, interviewed by Human Rights Watch. Haifa, a director of epksode services, told Human Rights Watch that the hospitals under her supervision require guardian permission from women to work in order to prevent unexpected work disturbances.

It is really ridiculous. Such forms of violence are clearly linked to abuse of the guardianship system. If not, does the ministry have plans to introduce these penalties?

Women cannot apply for a passport or travel outside the country without guardian approval and women are barred from driving. Each lawyer told her that denial of travel or forcing her to quit her job was not a sufficient basis for transferring guardianship. From the Stories of Stephen King: The two men on the reconciliation committee recommended divorce, but only after trying to convince Meena, including through her son, to drop further legal claims against her husband.

Zahra, who handles cases of domestic violence, said that the change would particularly help women whose ex-husbands occasionally punish them by keeping their children out of school.