They taught me that a good white lie is often considerably more exciting than the truth. Book 6 of 6. I’d rather give it 3. The rest of the cast was full of compelling characters that I also enjoyed. Were there interesting characters? Rumo is a little Wolperting who will one day become the greatest hero in the history of Zamonia.

Doch nun zum Moers’schen Universum Zamonien: There is a nod to political debates as well as to academics and physics. I can only imagine how wonderful this book would be to discover as a young reader. View all 5 comments. Incoming mail falls into the top of the tornado. We shall fill every corner of the brain with chaos. Nobody knew this, however, because they were too small to be noticed. In spite of being intimidated by the book’s size nearly pages , not having a strong interest in fantasy, and finding the violence a little much at times, I really enjoyed the story.

We first meet Bluebear as a cub, where he is so tiny he fits in a walnut shell. I love all the different species.

There’s no narrative thread connecting one event to the next, Bluebear never wants anything, is never in search of anything. He was flying fast, but in the wrong direction. I had difficulties rating this book; I adored it, but not quite as much as Moers’ other book which I read first, The City of Dreaming Books.

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The story is very episodic, but there is a sense of wonder and whimsy. Moers hatte mich somit sofort in seiner Gewalt, die Seiten haben mich auch nicht mehr abgeschreckt. It is now my favourite ever book. This was no exception, although it started out xamonien lot more slowly than the other books, so took me longer to get thoroughly hooked.

In the Zamonia series, each book contains za,onien illustrations drawn by Moers; many portray creatures that Moers invented himself. Es ist herrlich skurril, unglaublich phantasievoll und gespickt mit durchgedrehten, wahnsinnigen und sehr abwechslungsreichen Figuren.


In normal lighting they have an IQ ofbut when darkness falls it attains astronomical heights. View all 8 comments. Based on my experience reading RumoI would definitely at least pick one of Moers’s other books up and give it zajonien try. My memoirs must be preserved for posterity. View all 12 comments.

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Return to Book Page. They’d start, and I’d sigh. Doch nun zum Moers’schen Universum Zamonien: I’ve always tended to enjoy British humor more than American, outside of Mel Brooks.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Getting home could be a perilous adventure in itself, particularly in winter, when the outside stairway was slippery with ice and a blizzard was blowing, or during violent summer thunderstorms, when the shafts of lightning made you feel like a target in a shooting gallery. The overall effect is like a more adult version of Stewart and Ridell’s Edge Chronicles, Indescribable, mad book, but fun.

Rala, the beautiful girl Wolperting who cultivates a hazardous relationship with death; General Ticktock, the evil commander of the Copper Killers; Ushan DeLucca, the finest and most weather-sensitive swordsman in Zamonia; Volzotan Smyke, the corpulent Shark Grub; Rolv of the Forest, a Wolperting who can pass through the White Fire; Yggdra Syl, the guardian of the Nurn Forest and its talkative animals; Professor Abdullah Nightingale, inventor of the Chest-of-Drawers Oracle; and, the worst of luck, the deadly Metal Maiden.

Es ist das zweite Mal, dass ich dieses Buch lese.

English Choose a language for shopping. It is like nothing else. Joining the story with a very young Blue bear adrift floating in frightening seas within a walnut shell. The overall effect is like a more adult version of Stewart and Ridell’s Edge Chronicles, with touches of Python, fairy tales, Munchausen, Gulliver’s Travels, Edward Lear and goodness knows what else. I could even, in a dire emergency, tie a knot in a knot.

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Interspersed with snippets from an encyclopaedia about the relevant creatures shades of Hitchiker’sand plenty of pen and ink illustrations. This was especially prominent near the beginning of the book, zamoonien I thought it was brilliant; however, as the book went on there were fewer stories within stories and the frame story became the main action. Oct 05, Kat! I think the problem must be that the readers went in expecting something quite different than what this book is. However, by the time Rumo made it to Wolperting, there was no looking back.


Borne on the sea breeze was a familiar scent reminiscent of distant bonfire smoke mingled with a hint of cinnamon.

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What seem like background stories that slow the main narrative down are wonderfully brought back at the end. If you want to know who lives inside the eye of a tornado, or what its like to live in a mirage city, or meet This is not a normal book. The Mogg chapter is the Middle East comment, for instance, and it is well done.

No hurricane would intrude on a devastating earthquake, just as no tornado would spoil the effect of a mirage. Book 4 of 6. View all 3 comments.

It’s zsmonien different and is a great book to escape reality in. It was fun though. Ti consiglio di leggere tutti i suoi libri, oltre a questo il mio preferito Jeps wrote: Hardly my favourite season of the year, but the ideal time to brew a pot of hot cocoa with a wee dash of rum in itfill thirteen-and-a-half pipes with tobacco, make thirteen-and-a-half slices of bread and jam, sharpen thirteen-and-a-half pencils, and begin to record my first thirteen-and-a-half lives.

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