Jack and Wilfred subsequently conspire to pretend that Wilfred has shot Fairfax and seen him drown thereby releasing Elsie from the marriage contract. In , , , and , the opera was staged before large audiences in the moat of the Tower of London. Gilbert operetta as William S. The jester, Jack Point, and the girl, Elsie Maynard, are both more than a little terrified, for the crowd, in demanding entertainment, threaten to throw them into the river if they do not come up to expectations. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. No sooner has he gone than Sergeant Meryll and Fairfax appear from the Tower. I promised thee I would show thee how to woo, and herein lies the proof of the virtue of my teaching.

Tut, sir, no rish. Share this Rating Title: This was the eleventh collaboration of fourteen between Gilbert and Sullivan. They move off mysteriously. If life is a boon, he says, death must inevitably come too soon. Fairfax tells Point that he has shown him how to woo and that he should apply the teachings “elsewhere”. Elsie comes forward with bowed head, lamenting her cruel fate.

The wily Phoebe successfully steals the keys from Wilfred; Fairfax is shaved and dressed as a Yeoman; the crowd assembles; the Yeomen are drawn tge in a line; the headsman and the block are in place; and all is ready for the execution, when, amid a scene of wild excitement, it is discovered that Fairfax has escaped!

The Mackerras recording is also admired.

He teases his wife, keeping up the pretence for another minute. Phoebe Meryll David Hillman Wilfred agrees to swear to this lie. Realizing the game is up, she desperately buys Wilfred’s silence by agreeing to marry him after a long engagement. If I may not bear mine own name, there is none other I would bear so readily. The modern version leaves Elsie singing her line by herself, puts Kate with the chorus, gives Phoebe a mixture of Dame Carruthers’ part and her old one, and changes Phoebe and Dame Carruthers’ lyrics.


Meanwhile Fairfax has learned of the identity of the woman whom he married and resolves to woo her and thus test her fidelity.

She keeps Wilfred busy until her father returns the keys, which she returns to Wilfred’s belt, and leaves the confused and hopeful jailer to his fantasies of marrying her. Elsie arrives joyfully for her wedding synospis the man she still knows as “Leonard”, but the Lieutenant arrives and announces that her husband Fairfax lives. The Yeomen of the Guard Plot Summary.

The Yeomen of the Guard

He has spurned the old woman’s obvious overtures for years. Elsie, Fairfax, Phoebe and Point are left alone, and Point asks Elsie, as she yemoen now free, to marry him. Meanwhile, Guzrd wonders what they were up to in Fairfax’s cell.

Peter’s begins to toll and crowds surge around to witness the execution of Fairfax. Date modified 26 August, He has agreed to Elsie’s marrying the imprisoned Fairfax because he was assured that Fairfax would die within the hour.

The Yeomen of the Guard / Characters – TV Tropes

There is much musical analysis of love. Yeo,en was one other cut made after Gilbert’s death: Fairfax tells Point that he has shown him how to woo and that he should apply the teachings “elsewhere”.

In the autumn ofafter another attempt to interest his collaborator in a plot where the characters, by swallowing a magic pill, became who they guwrd pretending to be Sullivan had rejected this idea beforeGilbert made an effort to meet his collaborator half way. Particularly during the scene with Jack Point, where he tells Point that his puns really aren’t funny.

The Yeomen Of The Guard / Synopsis – TV Tropes

The wily Phoebe successfully steals the keys from Wilfred; Fairfax is shaved and dressed as a Yeoman; the crowd assembles. It was restored, possibly for the first time, infor a production at the Tower synopais London, and has been heard in a number of recordings and productions since, without becoming part of the standard score. Please choose a satisfying and delicious index page to put it on.


He conceives a plan, however. But the delayed reprieve has arrived: Sergeant Meryll, of the Yeomen of the Guard, is saddened by the thought of the approaching execution of Fairfax. Colonel Fairfax is awaiting execution at the Tower of London for sorcery. When the solo couplets were cut, the third yeoman was deleted from this passage as well, leaving it a trio for Fairfax and two other yeomen.

Phoebe arrives and seductively distracts him as she steals his keys, which she gives surreptitiously to her father, who goes to free Fairfax from his cell. Act II opens with a confession by the Yeomen that their search for the criminal has guarrd in vain, while Dame Carruthers and the crowd deride them thhe their failure. The other three leave Yeoomen alone, pleased to find that his mystery wife is the fair Elsie.

Point, slow to see that Fairfax is wooing the girl for himself and that Elsie has fallen for the heroic “Leonard”finally protests. Wilfred, who is in love with Phoebe, has noticed her interest in one of the prisoners at the Synopss, Colonel Fairfax. Fairfax’s request is therefore that the Lieutenant shall find him a woman willing to go through a form of marriage with him: Elsie Maynard Claire Powell The Colonel is condemned to death for his ‘crime’ and waits in the Tower of London for his execution.

Meryll disguises Fairfax as his son Leonard.