However, all Matsuda can talk about is judo again, and he does not understand Yawara’s real feelings at all, who does not seem to mind. She tries to put up a brave face at the post-match celebration, and is overdrinking as usual to compensate, though it is Hanazono who gets drunk and kisses Shinnosuke by mistake while calling out, “Fujiko Itou Fujiko finds out that Yawara is the famous judoka genius, and urges her to compete in the World Cup, telling her that it inspires her. Later, Jody heroically saves a mother and child in the streets from falling steel beams without waiting for any thanks. Atashi Shiai ni de Masu!! Mitsuba judo club’s first “practice” was a disaster, as no one actually knows how to do judo. Yawara has a chance encounter with Hanazono, who is training with the Ebitendou judo club nearby. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season.

Shinnosuke is seen hooking up with another girlfriend from his regular stable Hiromi, Mayumi, Mieko, Mariko, et al. They stand next to Hanazono without knowing who each other is, but they quickly identify Hanazono as the “bad influence” who introduced their daughter to the violent sport of judo. They are interrupted by Sayaka who appears on multiple TV screens with Shinnosuke in the background; she apparently took over a TV program Sports Spirits to publicly challenge her to a match at the next All Japan Judo Championship. Jody goes to a noodle shop and shocks the five Musashiyama judo members eating there when she asks for five portions straight off. Fujiko in particular is training really hard, and Kojiro shows up secretly to give her tips, saying she is not bad with only 3 months of training. But Matsuda is completely wrong, as Yawara was not about to throw the match and beats her opponent smoothly anyway. Marilyn receives an offer from a porno film producer.

Yuji Mitsuya as Hiroyuki Nishikimori Nishikimori ep 1. Hideyuki Umezu yawwara Yoshida. Marilyn still dreams about being an actress. Daisuke Namikawa as Junji. Yawara stands outside her door and is unable to call for her.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl episode 111

An emotionless Teleshikova states that it is useless to care about other people’s matches like Yawara does. Fujiko scores a quick yuko, but is thereafter in trouble as Tohdoh pins here. Yawara decides to try to study for her college exam AND train for the tournament so that she can fulfill her promise to Jody, though this will mean pulling exhausting all-nighters.

A Quick Full Point!! Moved, Yawara tells them she will start coach them again. Jigoro accompanies Yawara as a chaperon and also to ask the college president to keep an eye on her. In the examination room, the doctor tells Sayaka she has broken her leg and that she risks greater injury and perhaps permanent inability to practice judo if she continues; however, Sayaka decides to press on because she cannot bear the shame of losing to Yawara, even on an injury forfeit.


Jigoro cuts a deal with Yawara: Shinnosuke meets with Sayaka and her father, and they discuss their upcoming wedding as soon as she defeats Yawara to his surprise and discomfort.

Yawara brings up the possibility of staying over, and they are interrupted by the ever annoying Kuniko, who pushes Yawara out. Meanwhile, the novice Mitsuba judo team is making little progress except for Fujiko, who shows some aptitude by throwing Hanazono, her partner. Itou Fujiko mistakenly believes that Yawara is a “1st degree” in flower arrangement or tea ceremony, which an embarrassed Yawara does aywara correct. Emili Freixas as Hagoromo Catalan dub.

The same news conveyed by Jigoro energizes Matsuda because of the opportunities for great judo, though he realizes that Jigoro will be playing friends off against one another. Seeing this depresses Yawara and she returns on her own on bus. Tokyo Laboratory Finish Animation: She overhears Jigoro telling Yuutenji that he has yawarra turning down job offers secretly, greatly angering her; the Tsurukame travel agency to which she had applied sends its president to recruit her and watch the tournament.

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When Yawara snaps out of her funk to cheer her, Fujiko is able to deploy her un deux trois attack for a comeback ippon victory in the last 20 seconds of the match. Yawara shows herself to be a golf natural, whereas Itou Fujiko has no knack, on top of which the men make fun of her height. Jody is already lifting weights in bed at the hospital.

Matsuda and Yuniko infiltrate the Russian training camp and Teleshikova tells them that she will win the world cup. Ai Satou as Kristin Adams.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl Episode 111 English Subbed at gogoanime

Kousaka Megumi appears confident against Yawara as she has studied her moves extensively and believes she has counter for Yawara’s trademark one-arm Ippon Zeoi throw. Sayaka trains in Paris, while Shinnosuke habitually romances the women there. However, at Shinnosuke’s suggestion that he say “something romantic” to relax and encourage his girlfriend, Hanazono is able to muster, “Once this match is over, let’s go and have some tea!

As she begins the contest, Fujiko reflects on how much judo has changed her life after meeting Yawara, and she feels almost as if she is doing ballet at her peak.

Fujiko is inspired when she sees Kyon-kyon actually warming up to fight next.


Yawara compensates by over-drinking. Fujiko comes to Hanazono for help to convince Yawara not to quit judo, and as Hanazono relates the story of how Yawara helped train the high school judo club, it gives Fujiko the idea to start a judo club at Mitsuba so that Yawara would care about judo again. See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. At the competition they find out that it is not an elimination arrangement, but a points system, having been gamed by Jigoro.

After multiple moves and countermoves, Yawara finally executes an impossible ippon with 3 seconds left in the match for a victory.

Yoshinori Kanemori Art Director: Shinnosuke has a date with Yawara and tells her more lies i. Kyon-kyon manages to score a koka by dodging, but is overpowered in the end; she feels mad about losing.

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Akihiko Matsuda Theme Song Composition: Roger Aquino as Kojirou Inokuma Mr. Matsuda recognizes Yawara’s “smile” as the same one during her debut, when her intent was to fake a loss so she could leave judo. Yawara still keeps Shinnosuke’s picture in her drawer, and Shinnosuke still watches Yawara’s matches even as he fools around with other women. QTV Channel 11 Dubbing: Fujiko executes an come from behind ippon by finally grasping Obayashi’s back collar, but it is ruled out of bounce. Shinnosuke, who has been hired by Sayaka to be her judo coach, is revealed to have severe stage fright yawar he runs off to in a bathroom to hide from reporters at the tournament press conference.

They want him to take responsibility if she becomes unmarriageable with “a damaged nubile body”; Hanazono subconsciously immediately calls them “father” and “mother.

Yawara cooks special food to bribe Jigoro so she could break her new job news to him: Matsuda reveals their scheme to Yamoda after drinks and tells him that his dream of vicariously living through Yawara the judo superstar will be dashed after her loss.

During the final match, Yawara is again distracted but earns a victory by spraining her right wrist in the process, possibly disabling her from taking the entrance exam the yawafa day apparently she cannot write left-handed. They stand next to Hanazono, whom they quickly realize is the man who got their daughter involved in judo because Hanazono’s yelling of instructions to her.