Azuma who has only ever made bread is a terrible cook; Matsushiro calls an old ramen chef friend of his to teach Azuma and Kawachi the way of yakisoba. The Pantasia team, already down by five points, gets a shock when their next opponent is revealed to be a man in a panda suit, who Azuma immediately unmasks as Mokoyama once Tsukino’s little sister Mizuno appears beside him. On the day of the match itself, Matsushiro, in the audience, gasps at the sight of the CMAP team’s mango curry being cooked in demi-glace sauce; he furiously explains to Kawachi that the filling in curry breads has to be relatively dry and strongly flavored so that the bread will not go soggy. Risking His Life for a Reaction! Pierre, bargaining that they must stop making the diet bread if they win. These allow bread to ferment more quickly, and he is able to make a bread that his grandfather loves. The Great Detective Pierrot!! What should we add next?

Tsukino suddenly realizes that in the duration of the Yakitate! The special training is swimming – Kawachi is to swim many laps in a pool, with weights around his stomach. Saigo no bansan, oaji ha ika ga? The Day Panda Became a Panda! He tells the two of them to make a bread delicious enough to be eaten by a horse. Karei naru pan shoubu! To add a video paste video url directly into your comment.

Going Bananas for Melon Bread!

Taiyou no te VS Honoo no ude! Pierre’s owner Kirisaki learns that the Southern Tokyo store no longer has any capital, having bet it all on the Yakltate team. Start of the New Program “Yakitate! These allow bread to ferment more quickly, and he is able to make a bread that his grandfather loves. Episode 29 A Close Attack!!

Azuma and Kawachi are wondering why the store doesn’t get more customers when the main store has lines dragging on and on.


It flashes back to Pierrot’s plane trip to America; the former episoee warns that Americans will sue over anything, in which he relays a story of an old woman microwaving her cat, which is the source of Pierrot’s hatred. He attempts to propose to Monica, who accepts before he can speak, rushing into his arms and hugging him. Episode 41 The King’s Question!! But Azuma pulls through by asking for a certain type of flour and makes Japan At the start of the match, both teams begin preparing their breads.


What is My Phone Number. Izu is hours away by train.

Yakitate!! Japan – Episode 21 –

Kanmuri smokes his jam in apple-wood smoke; the smell of the smoke intoxicates Kuroyanagi and he begins walking toward it in ebg trance. Episode 10 Their Respective Beginnings!! With Suwabara having lost his match and his heart to U. It is revealed that Shadow had an innate ability to copy the winposes [ clarification needed ] of many famous sports stars as a kid, but turned to watching and imitating the famous mime Marcel Marceau after being bullied because of his talent.

The Forbidden Rodin Tactic! While the Pantasia team is out buying mangoes, the CMAP team passes by and starts insulting them, as well as making fun of Takumi for deserting them.

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Episode 19 Nightmarish Semifinals!! After hearing this, Pierrot passes team Japan. Trying to delay the Japanese team as much a possible, Pierrot develops a long term reaction over the course of the episode. After the awards ceremony, Yukino tries to convince Meister and her grandfather that she jpaan nothing to do with the sabotage of Kawachi’s bread. Kawachi beats Suwabara with Azuma’s croissant, but Azuma never shows up.

Their challenge is to bake a croissant, but as revealed at the end of the previous episode, Azuma does not even know what a croissant is. The newcomer duet is still working on their bread for the competition. Later while Azuma and the others are gathering ingredients at the royal palace, Sophie tells of a tragic story regarding her brother, herself, and their father.

Episode 34 Lu-pan 3!! The three newcomers stay in France for a month for training to make bread especially for the French people; they train under Meister Kirisaki’s younger sister Sophie Balzac Kirisaki. Ultimate Butter Is the Clincher!

When the reaction to Kazuma’s Ultimate Japan wears off, Kirisaki sniggers japxn Kazuma and asks if his Japan is finally perfect, but Kazuma vows to keep experimenting and swears that one day he will beat Kirisaki with his Japan. Ironically, during the course of the episode, both teams independently come up with the same idea, down to the ingredients and styles of preparation; however, the St. The Roulette That Brings Chaos! Azuma’s newest Japan against his new line.


The episode ends with Suwabara and Monica in a tender embrace as yamitate sun goes down over the river. Kazuma vs Yukino in the semi-final of Yakitate!! When a platoon of limousines full of black-suited shade-wearing men pulls up in front of Pantasia, Ken Matsushiro single-handedly takes them on when they attempt to storm the store, but the men fall back and bow when Kanmuri steps out.

Kanmuri is now an employee of the Southern Tokyo branch in place of Kawachi, who has moved to the main store. Azuma then meets Kawachi Kyosuke, another applicant. Onono Komachi-san de katsun ja!

Episode 38 Now Swim!! As the Pantasia team leaves their dilapidated guesthouse, it suddenly falls apart and collapses flat on the ground as Kawachi shuts the door, apparently giving Azuma an idea.

Make A Delicious Bread!

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Pierrot constantly badmouths his parents for abandoning him and never coming to see him and states that he never wants to see them again, but the King is grief-stricken and finally confesses to Pierrot that he is his son, Prince Leol. It also becomes clear as to why the Japanese team must be eliminated.

The special training is swimming – Kawachi is to swim many laps in a pool, with weights around his stomach. Kawachi also tries to get rid of his habit of saying “what was that?!