However, there are several reasons that may drive you to watch Tujuane episodes online. What is your opinion on the topic? What Tujuane will never do, as is being alleged, is then tell individuals how to present themselves and how to behave. Yes, there was something amiss. The two hosts, Malonza and Ms Yvonne will venture out to the streets and search for two strangers willing to go out on a date. I asked him if the show is scripted, whether Tujuane team prepared him mentally and psychologically on how to behave in front of the cameras, and whether there are any occasions he was required to respond or act in any particular manner.

We keep it fresh, always. Recommended stories you may like:. If you know this chiq in real life PRIS tell her to step down from her imaginary high horse.. Enyewe this guy is an arsenal fun… Hiyo uvumilivu ni mostest… tujuane…. The show features people from all walks of life. You know the rest of the story, if not, watch the episode via this video link. YouTube also allows people to view Tujuane episodes. Tujuane is one of the most popular television shows in Kenya.

With this in mind I have decided to watch a number of Tujuane episodes that did not trend that much. Her full name is Mirfat Musa and how did she get on Tujuane?

KTN Tujuane

waatch First, you should have the interface or wacth for viewing. It may match up the ordinary lad to the classy and sophisticated lady, the young and old or the common fellow and the celebrity. What is your opinion on the topic? Poor internet connections may lead to distorted images, poor sound, as well as frequent loss of signals. You may be located in an area where the broadcast signal is weak, thus, offering poor reception.


We must reject bullying. Usually, people watch TV shows or programs via a TV set. That Chick can go and date her teddy bears…!! The fact that her date was a mere Director of Photography at a little known company, made her terrorize the poor guy kenyaa whole time.

Written by Odipo Riaga.

Yea, it is a show tujuanne one likes to miss. She even threatened to pick her bag and leave if George continued being shy.

This is The Lady on KTN’s Tujuane Who Pissed Everyone Off

When we came up with this concept, the first of its kind in Kenya, it was to bring singles who want to meet other singles for prospective friendships and love, and we will never tell you how to do that. As they were introducing themselves, the lady was quick to point out that she works for Julie Gichuru among others. You know the rest of the story, if not, watch the episode via this video link.

Online TV is digital as opposed to analogue, this means you have clearer reception quality images and clear sound. This will take you to an interface where you will make the selection. I did not watch the episode when it aired but for the purposes of this article I remembered about it and called Jose. Many people believed the scripted version after word claimed to have originated from George had it that indeed the show is scripted. Tujuane is one of the most popular television shows in Kenya.


These include laptops, netbooks, desktop PC, tablets, Smartphones, as well as some specific types of a television set. One of my close friends also held to the opinion that the show is scripted. What Tujuane will never do, as is being alleged, is then tell individuals how kenyz present themselves and how to behave.

I personally have talked with a number of people including close friends, wife, and some colleagues of Kachwanya. The argument that the show is scripted first came to light after the infamous episode of Susan vs George. In satch, you should also buy data bundles. She aatch the poor boy a piece of her mind when he suggested she orders fries. Julie Gichuru, whom Susan mentioned to be her employer, came to her defense with this tweet:. Facebook auto video ads coming soon by Odipo Riaga.

How To Watch Tujuane Episodes Online

Needless to say that it is one of the most-loved reality shows in Kenya. The argument is that almost all reality TV shows the world over get scripted for entertainment purposes. The latter version has no real difference with movies.

Every episode, therefore, would have different drama themes week in week out in the name of keeping you and me glued to our screens every Tuesday night.

Kuna mjinga jinga nga, diva di vava anahitaji nyakhunyo!