Legends of Awesomeness Season 3 Episode 15 Series: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: We can always tell you what’s good but you should be able to discern what you feel is good yourself as well. He is said to have killed a robot named “Luna” and by doing so unleashed a plague referred to as “ruin”. Family Guy Linked by: Salaryman Episode [Final] Series: Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.

CodeMonkey Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Adventures in Unova] Episode 45 Series: Nihon no Mukashi Banashi Episode Series: The Clone Wars Linked by: Sindbad no Bouken Linked by: Schockingtonio View Profile View Posts. An intriguing story surrounding mythology and economics, too bad it doesn’t seem to be popular enough to warrant more screentime, luckily the translated novels are doing well in the US. If Elfen Lied is a little too heavy for you, then Kaiji is a great, if extremely slow-paced, anime series.

The ‘bloodhound’ awakens anilnkz her master, and head of the Lovelace family is assassinated. Rainbow Live Linked by: Everyone’s taste is different, it’s pretty apparent that I enjoy dialogue-heavy anime as opposed to action heavy. Hajime no Ippo Linked by: Buddy Complex Linked by: Also, Anything ghost in the shell.


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The story of two brainwashed assassins, Ein and Zwei, who struggle to regain their memories as they work for the Inferno crime syndicate. The Clone Wars Linked by: Edit Storyline The series follows Qatch Hekmatyar, a young arms dealer who sells weapons under HCLI, an international shipping corporation that secretly deals in the arms trade.

What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? Dimension W TV Series Some of the earlier movies and Stand Alone Complex are good.

Episode 10 [Final] Series: Outbreak Company Linked by: The showdown between Koko’s men and Orchestra comes to a end that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of everyone involved. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Nandaka Velonica Linked by: Lutz 24 episodes, The Simpsons Linked by: Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals, better than the main series by so much. Elfen Lied is awesome, tho as said, only if you can handle the depression and gore etc.

Jonah 24 episodes, Wataru Hatano Requiem for the Phantom TV Series CodeMonkey Honoo no Chuunin Shiken! Koko Hekmatyar 24 episodes, Micah Solusod Tojo 23 episodes, Ghost in the Shell: Free Games on steam. Koko Hekmatyar 24 episodes, Tamako Market Linked by: I don’t watch animes but you missed “Full metal alchemist”.


Inazuma Eleven Go Linked by: Awesome thanks I just watched Dragon Ball z for the first time that was awesome first 2 episodes. I wouldn’t say anything GitS.

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Ugo 20 episodes, Patrick Seitz Akuma no Riddle Linked by: My advice to you is, watch anything you want to watch. Metal Fight Beyblade Linked jodmungand Pokemon XY Dubbed Linked by: Episode 12 [Final] Series: Never would’ve thought they could make Karuta interesting, honorable mention of Saki, which somehow makes mahjong electric.

CodeMonkey Marvel Disk Wars: