These air cavities need not be uniformly located inside these stones. It defies logic and reason. Dont you think there is some reality in the words of epic of Ramayana? Ways to Experience Hanuman Temple. Various groups world wide, concerned with the cultural and environmental devastation that they say the bridge’s dredging will cause, are putting pressure on the Indian government to preserve the bridge. We, the undersigned from throughout the globe, request the Government of India to order an immediate stop and reconsideration of the project keeping in view the historical and religious importance of Shri Ram Setu, the sentiments of the people and the alternative method suggested for a shorter sea route.

Previous Next 1 … 21 22 23 … They were only semi-humans half monkeys or apes in South India. It was imperative wage the war against mighty army of Ravana to achieve their goal. He is the Magical creator of everything Therefore he threw a stone after taking his own name, but to his amazement the stone he threw did not float. Commenting this week on the Ram Setu bridge dredging, the founder of Yoga in Daily Life, His Holiness Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, said, “When the bridge was constructed at the time of Rama, the present-day religions were not in existence and the term ‘Hindu’ had not yet been coined.

Groups like Yoga in Daily Life are actively collecting signatures to petition against the destruction of the stonr. Rama Prepares to Invade Lanka Hanuman flew by aerial route and reached his friends Angad, Jambuwanta, Sugreeva and others who were eagerly waiting for his return.

It becomes unnatural if I am shallow. But all the best finding that Constantly thinking of Rama and Sita, his mind was immersed in the depths of contemplation. Geological researchers and Scientist after years of research concluded that in the formation of layers on the ocean bed, these PORAL stones were found within the layers.


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Ram Setu – Rama Prepares to Invade Lanka

I am telling you the following device to cross me. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. The group includes the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. All Comments Your Activity.

The proof was floaitng in the form of this video: Rama, frustrated by the waters that separated him and his army from Lanka, grew angry with the ocean [6. Eventhough Senshin explained the same which I realized nowI am giving bounty to you because your post has the exact words from the script. The monkey brigade marched on towards Lanka.

Very good statue and floating stones – Review of Hanuman Temple, Rameswaram, India – TripAdvisor

Another observation that supports this explanation is that the stone shown in the video always floats with surface A exposed to the viewer and the surface B totally immersed in water.

But nobody could explain why one particular stone was floating when it should also have sunk. The pujari’s there are fliating blind faith that its magic that the stones are floating, one guy was telling me that the stone is kg heavy, and it was of the size of an average melon. People might try to sell floatihg one too! Very good statue and floating stones. But your theory is a good explanation of the phenomena.

There is no liberation for any person watc well as non-living thing who is denied aatch grace. But what would be the solution! Assuming the normal density that we observe in most of the commonly found stones. Before I start, I mention it very clearly that the following explanation, though not verified through thorough experiments, is supported by some of the observations that can be made by watching the video itself and some other experiments I did myself.


Therefore he threw a stone after taking his own name, but to his amazement the stone he threw did not float.

Taking your name is, However, sufficient to prevent drowning floatihg mortals like us” Story of Tiny Squirrel A tiny squirrel was watching this divine play from a nearby tree. Isnt he so Smart???

Floating Stones of Ram Setu Bridge at Rameswaram

Engrossed in such deep thoughts and constantly taking the holy name of Rama, he threw a stone in the water in front of him. The division of society into lower and higher caste and superior and inferior races was a taboo that Rama wanted to erase from the face of Bharata -ancient India. As far as the army crosses ramwetu, the crocodiles will not be aggressive to them. And to their joy they all found stones remaining floatinv when thrown in the name of Rama.

Multimedia content Youtube Videos Swamiji. Anyways I heard from one of the locals that the stones only floats in sea water and not in regular water He is just the same as his father. Telugu TechTuts views. They may have some air cavities inside them, so that the weight of the water displaced by them sfone more than their own weight. Neither from desire nor ambition nor fear nor from affection, I am able to solidify my waters inhabited by alligators.