This time, on the way you will be contacted by DeadSec. Unlock the point in the lower right corner, then move back to the center area and click the upper right point three times. The basics Objects and activities that help avoid detection. The important piece of information is that you cannot walk away too much, while uploading the virus. After the minigame starts, modify any of the elements of the puzzle, thanks to which you will find out that the firewall is, as of now, too strong. You’ll reach a door.

Role Model Act II: Choose a tower and mark it as a waypoint. Do not worry about the fact that you will be unable to complete the hacking minigame. This time, on the way you will be contacted by DeadSec. Head towards it and hack in. Try not to cause any major collisions with the other vehicles, or the elements of the environments. Damien can’t cause any mayhem because you’ve kicked him out of the system.

Essentially you will need to use all the skills you have been honing the entire game to reach each point, upload the virus and get away successfully.

You’re near to Damien now, so find him. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. If the police are currently chasing Aiden which is highly possible you now need to lose them. There is a scene half-way through.

Access the camera in the upper right corner of the room and hack the intrude location straight ahead. Keep driving towards the mission marker until you get to the weak point that T-Bone was talking about.


A marker will appear inside showing you where the access panel is. The location itself has been presented in the above screenshot and it is the same location, where you have hacked into the ctOS control center, in the third mission of the first act.

What’s Jordi doing here??? Use a boat to reach Damien Go down the stairs to the right and take one of the boats from the pier to the lighthouse. Once up top, you find Damien.

Find a lift out here, hop in, and take yourself up. Start hacking into the interactive point. Fast travel to the bunker and head inside for a cut-scene.

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You should not hurry too much with reaching your destination. As you start up the ladder, you’ll trigger a cutscene. A Wrench in the Works Act Tbones Return to the bunker. Sometimes You Still Lose. Watch out for the pipelines, bollards, traffic light changes and the other traps. City Activities minigames and challenges. We have one last decision to make.

Great, Damien is now in control of all of Chicago. Head out of the building and head to each point in turn. To upload the virus at each point, Aiden needs to stay at that waych for a set amount of time. In the lobby, take a right as you keep the main wall to your left.

Once the virus is installed everything calms down and the cops stop going crazy. Move back to the uplod point and turn it once, then the upper left point once.

ACT 5 – Mission Head towards the pier to the East of your current location it is a good idea to set the lighthouse as your current destination. Still, if you ypload to, you can craft, or purchase, some Jam Coms beforehand and unlock new skills connected with driving and hacking into the environments.


They just happen to be ctOS centers. After a couple of attempts, Aiden will realize this is one computer he can’t hack. You can either walk away or shoot Maurice, who is situated on a crate ahead of you. It’s located on the exterior of a building right along the waterfront on the small island in Mad Mile.

After talking to T-Bone, he has a virus to upload. Complete this and you will definitely be deserving of watching the final confrontation.

Mission 1 Sometimes You Still Lose. Dressed in Peels Act II: Someone’s Knocking Act IV: Main missions – Act II.


Basic information Description of the available skills. Then the campaign will really end as the last of the credits roll. Reward watcch completing the mission: I start with the east tower, along the dock not far from your current location. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Near the end, events will happen and Aiden will enter focus mode a final time. Travel to the next camera, which shows a security router you can intrude.