Pocholo Gonzales as Dupe. Tetsuro, The White Prince. This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri. Greg Ayres won my heart with Shinpachi, especially since I’ve heard some of his other jobs, and his role as Shinpachi seems to be the best out of what I’ve heard. John Ledford Mark Williams Producer: Jay Hickman as Mayor’s Assistant 9 episodes eps 6, 8, 12, 16, , Hilary Haag as Child B at Museum ep

Retrieved June 9, In-Suk Han as Bomb. Megumi Kobayashi as Purin. Alejandro Illescas as Pluto. Have you seen this? Yuuya Yoshikawa as Mint.

Pocholo Gonzales as Dupe. The Biggest Battle in Akihabara”. Seol Yeongbeom as Hadim. Jin Munesue Japanese version only. Retrieved September 6, Chris Patton as Bebefau.

BASToF Syndrome (Korean TV)

John Ledford Mark Williams Producer: Greg Ayres as Boy A eps Views Features Reviews Columns. Clint Bickham as Skater Boy A 6 episodes eps10, 15, As the first new City Hunter movie ayndrome twenty years, this blast of ’80s future detective action is a welcome surprise on the big screen, but how has the material underneath aged?


Chris Patton as Flashback Agent A eps Junji Majima as Fake. Login or Register forgot it?

Enzo Fortuny as Bebefau. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Rob Mungle as Power Plant Manager 6 episodes eps12, 18, 23, Legends of the Dark King. Alejandro Illescas as Pluto. Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Song Doyeong as Mint.

That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do enylish justice. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Jay Hickman as Mayor’s Assistant 9 episodes eps 6, 8, 12, 16, From Wikipedia, the bawtof encyclopedia. Dongwoo Watcy Character Design: Gabriella takes a look at an underrated magical girl show that takes place in the streets of Harajuku, while Paul runs down all this week’s new blu-ray releases! That happened to me this week.

Mun Gwanil as Moderato.

Fighting Spirit Episode 1 English Dub

Andy McAvin as Mayor Hadim. Warrior of the Ice Fields!

Hui-Seon Kim as Cora Tiel. Cyber Team in Akihabara l. Chris Patton as Bebefau Christine M. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.


Retrieved January 25, Newtype USA 5 11 54— Chiro Kanzaki as Cora. Takahiro Yoshino as Mayor Hadim. This Ugly Yet Bastov World. Sang-yub Kim Director of Photography: The hard-working illustrator behind the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto answers a few questions about their incredible career. Running Around the Pool! Haruko Kato Toru Iwakami Mixing: Chris Ayres as Pluto.

Sword Art Episofe novel 15 Feb 24, Welcome to the NHK. Bong-il Park Art Director: Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Bong-il Park Series Composition: Tetsuro, The White Prince. Kelly Manison as Deaconess A 6 episodes eps 3, 5, 8, 10, 16, Tatsuto Nakagawa Japanese version.