So with this model, you get walk-away blending capabilities without paying the premium for pre-programmed settings. The shorter, wider ounce containers found on the Next Generation models are the easiest containers from which to remove recipe contents. They chose the Vitamix over Blendtec and other brands. See current pricing and customer reviews. Your return window may be closed but your warranty is still completely in effect. When shopping for a Vitamix blender, you will realize that it has a number as part of its name, for example, Vitamix Professional Series Overall, wet containers can work for everything but dry containers use a specific blade that is only intended for milling beans including coffee beans and hard grains to make flours.

CIA creations blender is the blender but no variable speed dial and comes with the shorter 48oz container. If you are really on a budget, you should consider a Vitamix Factory reconditioned blenders they are like new and have a 5yr warranty vs 7yr new. You are already aware of my primary concern in your using a home machine for your business — that being the warranty coverage — so I will not go into the details of that caveat. It will handle most dry ingredients fairly well. Also i dont see any speed diference from 8 to However, there are two features that I consider limitations.

However, my guess is there are probably other factors that are important to you, too. However, its user interface mimics that of the C-Series models mentioned above.

The rep was awesome.

Gracy, the two primary differences between these two models are the containers that come with the blender, and the duration of the warranty coverage. It is becoming a serious necessity. Can the Vitamix Advance Container be used on a non commercial series?

Anne, the is available only at Costco for now. What makes the additional cost worth it? You might just find out that all your blending needs are met with just the one container and can save the additional investment. For them they will often create packages which are similar to those available directly through Vitamix, but with slight adjustments to features or inclusions in the model package so as to justify a slightly different usually, lower price point.


I feel confident and am familiar with the various Vitamix models and offerings. Put simply, it looks more like a C-Series model. These models may come with extras such as different color options, or a different recipe book. Can you give me info on max watts. So apart from the different cookbook it comes from and other aesthetic differences colorwhat are the differences in their performances, noise level, durability…? But are there any other major differences between the two models?

What are your thoughts concerning my quandary?

Is it just a gimmick or really quite useful? The description was lacking, and when I got it, I realized it was the commercial version with the ice blade instead of the wet like the picture had shown. Hi, thanks so much for the quick reply! This thing looks like it is the Best of both the Blendtec and the Profesional world. Have you tested it?

Best Vitamix Blender to Buy? The Ultimate Guide for

The unique accessories with the TurboBlend VS blender are: The guy completely surprised me by saying my unit was covered under the 7-year warranty and I was good until Do you hav any suggestions or advise to give me?

I think I like the smaller containers so was looking at the with the compact container. I need a Vitamix grain mill to grind gluten free grains that I can eat.

The programs will do this for you. If cla out there is trying to make a decision whether or not to but one? Thanks so much for all the detail you provide here. Instead of a cheap plastic potentiometer, they should use a quality metal part. If they do, eventually the bearing will be compromised by water and freeze up eventually after making a horrendous noise.


Comparison of Vitamix Models 2019 (Which Vitamix to Buy)

Weightlifter and health nut. The Pro you mention has a standard ounce container, so I would eliminate that from consideration simply because there is no way it will fit underneath your cabinets.

Thanks for the quick reply. I also know from your comparison list that TNC has the same motor as The levers and Variable speed dial are simple to use. If any science experts are reading this and have additional insight to add about blender strength then please let me know. Get access to professionsl book.

Best Vitamix Blender to Buy? The Ultimate Guide for 2019

I am wondering where the Vitamix fits into your matrix? But since S-Series blades are not fixed to the container, Grandma may struggle with unscrewing the blade assembly. The motor is essentially the same and almost identical motor vifamix and specifications. Furthermore, the wide container is more likely to fit under your cabinets than the wide one.

New models come with a 7-year warranty. Serries reconditioned is the most affordable Vitamix model that accommodates the new low-profile containers but it is important to remember it is still a C-series. If I was to get one smaller container to accompany a 64oz would it be better to get the 32oz. For those particular functions, any model in the entire line will be an excellent option.