He is interested in the occult and demonology, and has a collection of occult books. Ready to clean that house? She is a fan of the horrific and macabre, but she doesn’t appear to practice any sort of magic or occultism, and at times seems to discourage it in her family members. Margery Adams the wife of Mr. He’s willing to spill his own blood for occult rituals. A third human skeleton, also with Native American trappings and likely originating in the third shallow grave, was found in the closet across from the door to the master bedroom. She lives in the house where the Halloween massacre occurred.

Adams wonders aloud, but his wife can only shrug. Thanks for answering my question! They are both puzzled by what they see. Adams was not a victim of the Halloween night massacre. He is interested in the occult and demonology, and has a collection of occult books. Share directly to my status. Adams mail-ordered an assortment of occult goods from retailer “A Cask of Amontillado. Jason has been threatened with expulsion from school after three incidents of hurting other students not known if this includes Billy and defacing school property with disturbing imagry.

Drive out the evil doers in your neighborhood, you know who they are He also got a hold of a “Voodja” board – possibly from his father’s boxes, possibly a birthday present intended for his sister. Johnny Adams is the oldest of the three Adams children, son of Mr. He may have something of a homicidal streak, threatening Johnny with never seeing his girlfriend again if Johnny goes into the cellar. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

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With screenshots of the letters found throughout the level. This item has been added to your Favorites. What would Johnny want with those? His parents dropped him and Danielle at Crystal Lake summer camp while they enjoyed an anniversary weekend.

Adams was apparently trying to open hosue portal in the cabin cellar.


Ready to curse about boxes, dead teenagers and PIDS to bring to the punchout? Jason Adams is apparently the youngest child of the three Adams children, son of Mr.

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And it’s the strangest thing, all of our pots and pans and all of our canned goods are missing. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. It is only visible to you.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Viscera Cleanup Detail. In the attic, Johnny and Jenna created a pentagram with Mr. Adams set up a bedroom for Johnny in the attic, left him a letter and some money, and dropped Danielle and Jason off at Crystal Lake summer camp for the weekend.

He’s willing to spill his own blood for occult rituals. She wants to norror an army of rotting men to hurt Joey, another student at her school, because he has been bullying her.

Use windows to throw stuff from the house, mainly if you’re in the attic or on the second floor. This item is incompatible with Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Adams’ candles and their own blood. Edmond Crosby, found hanging in the unfinished basement room not upside-down, but still hanging with crossed ankles Jack Bacon, found hanging in the stairwell eggx the first and second floor Samantha Morgan, found hanging viecera the garage Rod Lane, found hanging in the closet of Jason’s bedroom Sarah Hayes, found hanging from the archway leading to the woods behind the house also decapitated Tony Peters, found hanging from the ceiling of the cabin’s main floor also decapitated Edgar Watch, found hanging in the altar room also skinned These are only clues in an unsolved mystery; the graves might have been discovered at any time before or during the party.

Adams found the altar room pf ruins and a book, probably the Necronomicon. Adams took some time to rebuild the altar room.

Guardianofsunshinee Jan 30 5: The deer head is laughing at you when mopped. In a letter, Mr. He doesn’t usually live in the Adams house, as his parents had to set up a bedroom for him in the attic on his return from a football tournament upstate.


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Johnny also suggested that Jenna invite some of her friends, and expected party crashers, particularly members of the North Elm Botflies. After Johnny got back from a football tournament upstate, he found a letter from his mother telling him about their plans and “NO parties!

In the attic, the site of Johnny and Jenna’s blood ritual, there was a fifth wood idol. After the drtail, the room was found to contain three shallow graves, two with human skeletons wearing Native American trappings; four wood idols; the body of Edmond Crosby, found hanging from the wall with his ankles crossed; and the word “REDRUM” detaul on the wall behind him.

Johnny’s enthusiastic about the idea of using his father’s occult items, but appears to view them more as mindless entertainment than with any sense of malice or desire for power.

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A guide to the events leading up to the Halloween night massacre at the Adams house, including biographies of the members of the Adams family, with speculation about various events that caused the massacre.

It can be used in the cabin but it’s hard to saster the tool enter. After all, what’s the easterr that could happen? But whether there was a single incident that started in one location and spread like wildfire, or an unfortunate set of chain reactions, or whether the party was a perfect storm convening demons and those demonically possessed, other supernatural creatures, and mere humans with an extreme homicidal bent, is anyone’s guess.