Their first task is to take the boat and catch blue swimmer crabs. Great dane dog and Baby giggling so cute Dog loves Baby Compilation. Yongdok Gweshi Village, North Gyeongsang. Episode 36 of runningman guests: Runningman similaities between family outing Farhan Raeed 5 years ago. Meanwhile, the other members play drawing games in bed before Yejin and Chunhee decide to play a street arcade game and order fried chicken for the returning foursome. The episode opens with the Family gathering at the airport, traveling by bus to the local seaside village. After dinner, the Family play the Saranghae game, using kisses, rather than forehead slaps, as punishment for laughter.

The fourth sequence shows Hyori reliving her most embarrassing moments on the show during the guessing game with Shin Hye-sung , followed by Yejin rejecting men at a mock club scene. Lizzy Song Joong-ki Gary. Gasong Village, North Gyeongsang. In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises trivia and a tickling test, with Jinwook and Jaesuk relegated to breakfast duty, where Jaesuk becomes increasingly frustrated with Jinwook’s inability to cook and barrage of non sequiturs. Meanwhile, the other members play drawing games in bed before Yejin and Chunhee decide to play a street arcade game and order fried chicken for the returning foursome. The first episodes of Season 2, with a brand new cast, production team, and concept. This show is an orientation for the new members.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Family pick tangerines, with the Hyori and Yejin competing to see who is most adorable when eating oranges. Yongdok Gweshi Village, North Gyeongsang. Highlights include the repeated capsizing of the boat steered by Hyori’s team and the Family members washing and cleaning each other off after the muddy play.

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The Family then execute their assigned task of trimming garlic plants, featuring a memorable scene of Chunhee accidentally dropping a straw basket on Sooro’s head.

Afterwards, the Family play an obstacle race game on the beach, highlighted by seasln the members becoming conscious of their image upon realizing Rain will be attracting a large viewing audience, 2 Jongkook’s frustration upon slipping and losing to Rain, 3 Yejin being dropped three times by Daesung and Jaesuk, and 4 the sabotaging efforts of Yejin and Hyori as they impede the opposing team with hair-pulling, kicking, and sprawling.

After the men are ranked, they take turns confronting the women while being ‘held eep. As the sexson closes, sleep order rankings are determined with the members acting most innocently, featuring a hoppingly cute Yejin and dance performance from Taeyeon.


Yejin and Hyori then choose teams for a pinata-like game of breaking a paper-mache container of sawdust over a member seated underneath it. The Family then gather at a local valley to sing songs from The Sound of Music before playing a football-like game, where Sooro accidentally pushes Chunhee off the field and Jaesuk is ignored and chastised by his team.

Jongkook and Hyori form an awkward pairing as they stay at the house to cook: The losing team does morning chores; Catching snow crabs. Carrying out the first assigned task, the Family catch fish in a nearby stream before heading to a local water hold to perform acrobatic dives off a cliff. Song Ji Hyo is not one to mess with part 1 acheryn Year ago. In the morning, the wake-up mission involves using one’s head to break a gourd that is launched by a seesaw. Other highlights of dinner include Hyori supervising “Dumb and Dumber”, who gather vegetables while burdened with equal parts fear and doubt and 2 Jongshin and Jaesuk’s “snowy” stew seasoning.

Jongkook sprays water through his teeth, Hyori shows off her strong pinching toes, and Jaesuk excels at hiding among the cameramen.

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As the last game, the “Family” played ssireum in a local beach along Hwang River. After dinner, the Family play a team-order guessing game to determine the ordinal ranking of the opposing team on topics such as IQ and frequency of being dumped romantically. Highlights include Jongshin, Sooro, and Jongkook attempting to reproduce the husky vocals.

Back on dry land, the Family form teams with an aegyo paper-rock-scissors battle to play an ‘airplane’ game with one viettsub hold up another with his feet. The trio gather some fresh trout from a local fishery with TOP preparing the fish for grilling. After arriving at the house, the Family split into teams for fishing and sp cooking duties. Yoo jae suk singing gee SNSD – funny family outing intermezoo 2 years ago.


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Afterwards, to prepare dinner, Jongkook and Yejin are sent to vietssub market to find vegetables and nuts, but to interfere with a running ‘love scandal’ gag, Chunhee is instructed to tag along and act as an interloper, only to have the couple furtively escaping his oversight.


Returning home, the Family is delighted to find beef provided to them for dinner. The members interrogate each other with personal questions to allow the audience to familiarize itself with the Family. Retrieved from ” https: Much foul play ensues during the exhausting battles, including tossed shoes, mud being spread on opponents’ faces, and stepping on one another.

Afterwards, the Family perform dances to determine sleep order rankings, supplemented with some gifts of sweet potatoes and chocolate bars. The episode features abbreviated breakfast cooking and eating sequences, leading into a morning dance exercise session.

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The next morning, a watermelon seed spitting game enables the selection of Jaesuk, Daesung, esason Yejin for breakfast duty. At the house, Jongshin becomes more familiar with Sooro and Jaesuk and Jongshin attempt to rescue the squid stew with ramen seasoning. After the game session, the rest of the Family continue with kimchi preparation while Jaesuk, Daesung, and Sooro mischievously head off to town to seek out other necessary ingredients.

Highlights include Chunhee and Brian revealing their less glamorous pre-celebrity birth names and Sooro unsuccessfully attempting to induce Chunhee to declare his respect for Sooro’s acting career. The Family then move on to their first game, where the object is to race down and up a large pile of hay while carrying a basin of water.

Cha Tae-hyunJang Hyuk [nb 5]. After dinner, knowing that Kim Vietshb relatives reside in the nearby town, Haeinsa, the “Family” split into pairs famjly order to bring one of his relatives. Upon arriving, the “Family” was “tasked” to experience the county’s specialty—paragliding—atop Mt. Meanwhile, Daesung, Sooro, and Jaesuk have difficulty catching and cleaning the fish.

The Family then play a game competing to build the larger hay stack, followed by a game of dressing up one member as the funniest looking scarecrow. Much laughs are shared when absolutely no one can beat the strongest fighter; including muscle Jongkook and Devil Sooro.