Crime Hindi Free Movies. The movie has its share of “flaws”. Gautham Menon Dialogue writer. A Short gone too far. Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu Streaming Movie Downloader. With much expectations set amongst all Kamal Haasan’s fans – me being one among them, definitely we were not left unsatisfied. Now, here are the 10 Reasons to hate this movie:

Now, to the review of the story. Super Star 00s Movies. In VV he almost resembles the character he played in Soora Samhaaram a movie. He’s taught us to expect superlatives. Though he is not commendable in the plot, as in Kaakha Kaakha, he wanted to prove a point here This would have meant that Raghavan doing some really good investigative cop work. I also feel that the movie could have been done without Jyotika’s character.

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Block Busters Crime Movies. Jyothika has done a onllne piece,as like kaakka kaakka. Kamal should shed some weight and continue his world class acting.

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

In VV he almost resembles the character he played in Soora Samhaaram a movie. It will have many people sitting on the edge of their seats, willing those embroiled in battle to succeed.


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Now, here are the 10 Reasons to hate this movie: Its a delight to watch this film! Two, there is no twist, or shocker.

Then, things are starting to happen all of a sudden in Kamal’s favor and an incident qatch which is similar to what happened before Prakashraj’s daughter’s murder. The background music’s been horrendous, to say the least! Nevertheless, “Vettiyadu Villaiyadu” is worth watching once at least for Kamal. Just a okay movie. The movie is lightning fast and I bet none would have seen their watch while watching the film. Few new faces have been introduced in this film and all have acted splendidly.

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Sun Nxt Romance Free Movies. Gautam fails us badly with some crappy performance in the Department of common sense.

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Remember the train sequence in ‘Guru’ where he talks to a foreign lady? His song ‘Partha Modail Nallae’ is soulful and soothing. He is joined there by a detective named Anderson and with him he investigates and vetfaiyaadu doesn’t find any things.


Finally Raghavan kills them both after sparing many innocent lives.

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Zee 5 Hindi Free Movies. Romance is thrown in as expected and fills gaps here and there. Hate to say this, but Kamalini Mukerjhee’s 10 minute romancing does more than what Kamal and Jothika achieve in this movie plus ‘Thenali’.

Gautham ‘s first film is ‘Minnale’a nice wacth flick, which’s been a trend setter for many films, since today! Eventually what happened in the second half of the movie is that the director ended up spending time creating the fearsome serial killers character also resulting in some more violent and gory scenes and, Kamal spending rest of the movie running around the trees with Jyotika and ending up as vilaiyazdu usual villain bashing hero cop.

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