A month later, on 19 November , a British sabotage group of 34 specially-trained men was dispatched from England. One of the three saboteurs had experimented with a timer and detonating mechanism, and he tried to set the explosion to go off when it would be easiest to rescue passengers. Eight and a half kilograms of plastic explosive with two alarm-clock fuses were fixed to the keel of the ferry, SF Hydro , which was to carry the railway cars with the heavy water drums across Lake Tinn. It was very dark and the snow was deep but they all got away. Overview This description is not available in your language. It keeled on to its side, and then stern upwards. The Vemork plant was restored by April, and SOE concluded that a repeat commando raid would be extremely difficult as German security had been considerably improved. We had an assignment a mission to accomplish.

Neither was Norwegian, but they would not have been so Hollywoodish. They placed explosive charges on the heavy water containers, destroying most of them. But this was no ordinary water, and no ordinary plant – it was the only facility in Europe that produced heavy water in large-scale volumes. As such, you may call this a remake. To reach the Vemork plant, the group of saboteurs had to cross the river right at the bottom of the gorge, as they could not use the suspension bridge. MartinHafer 12 February Heavy water and graphite were the prime candidates for moderating the energy of neutrons.

By the start ofproduction at new installations in Rjukan, based on a German method, increased to kilos per month. The plant will be key in the development of an atomic bomb.

But then Kirk Douglas just had to play the hero to please the American audience didn’t he? The facility remains inactive for two months but the Germans manage to rebuild the tanks and increase production.

A book by John D. Archived from the original on 13 January They escaped the scene during the chaotic aftermath of the explosion. There is a subsequent scene of the good guys escaping across the snow on skis from a large force of German alpenkorps troops, which again, must have been shot by a cameraman on skis. Archived from the original on 9 September Heavy water was produced by the Hydro company in relation to a major water power plant in the mountains of Telemark.


It portrays the event in true Hollywood style, with stout and brave resistance men versus scar-faced villainous Germans and of course the obligatory spectacular pyrotechnics. A huge political thriller began to unfold in and Unfortunately, the story fails to draw in and engage the audience.

Views Read Edit View history. The glider made a crash landing, not far from where the other glider had come down, similarly inflicting several deaths and injuries. But before we left England, we were told that our action had the highest priority. The heavy water war stopped the Germans in developing the atom bomb. If you’re the type of person who watches movies for the cast, like I do, you might want to rent this one.

The Heavy Water War”. If the movie had kept to facts it wouldn’t have been needed. Shortly afterwards, however, the tug and glider combination encountered heavy cloud and in the resulting turbulence the tow rope broke. Cookies are used for measurement, ads and optimization.

What should be a tense and thrilling tale based on a true story is merely watchable. This Norwegian-Danish-British co-production is in 6 episodes, the first of which was initially broadcast on 4 January After the delays, once the Norwegian Grouse team managed to make contact with the British, the British were suspicious, as they had not heard from the SOE team for a long time: For just over two hours, and thanks to the rhythm and elegance that Anthony Mann stamps in every shot, the audience will travel alongside the protagonists, in their adventures and mishaps, and will discover a truly interesting series of historical events.

The Heroes of Telemark

Oddly enough, none of the German guards on duty noticed anything until it was over. Based on a true storythe deeds are the followings: The Nazi atomic effort relied on work done in this remote lab. The Nazis have a plant used for making heavy water, deuterium, water made with a hydrogen atom with a neutron as well as a proton. The possibly biggest loss it has caused is the historical falsies that now seem to live better than the historical facts.

This attempt failed when the military gliders crashed short of their destination, as did one of the tugs, a Halifax bomber. Each approach had its technological trade-offs, but the U.


Heavy Water War – The story

Witnesses reported seeing steel drums floating after the sinking, leading to speculation that they did not really contain heavy water, but an examination of records after the war showed that some barrels were only half full, and therefore would have floated.

Norwegian who thwarted Nazi nuclear plan dies”. Damien Lewis ‘s book Hunting Hitler’s Nukes: Any complaints one can have with the moviee or alteration of events must be directed at Rank, not at the non-specific “Hollywood”. The Heroes of Telemark and the Norwegian film, Kampen om Tungtvannet on the same subject that was previously done showed the Norwegians in their resistance just such a chance even though it did not help one bit in the liberation of their country.

Richard Harris appears as vemrok leader Knut Straud, who is introduced as a tough and boisterous patriot, but fades to the background as quickly as Douglas takes center stage. These actions were followed by Allied bombing raids.

Norwegian heavy water sabotage

It was known in London and Washington that two German atomic physicists were working on nuclear fission, and it was assumed that heavy water had something to do with Hitler’s threat of a secret weapon. By continuing to use our site you agree to our privacy and security policy. British authorities were aware the Grouse team was still operational, and decided to mount another operation in concert with them. Earlier attempts by British elite troops had failed, and in an attempt by the US Airforce to bomb the plant, they hit a nearby village killing several local inhabitants.

Protactinium, Fission, and Meitnerium.

This book is based on the author’s interviews with many of the commandos. The Germans elected to cease operation and remove the remaining heavy water to Germany.

The cast are all fine, headed by Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris, more troubling is the overall look of the film.