It is beautiful just to look at, and lovely to touch. The twist grip leg extensions are awesome. It would pick up the camera from your bag, mount the right lens on it, mount the camera on the head and aim it exactly where your brain is thinking the image is. It is crucial that the leg angle stops and all other structural joints are well supported. Be the first to review this item. In order for the platform to be removed, all three set screws must be loosened sufficiently they will definitely stick out and not be flush to allow the Apex Lock Ring to clear the corresponding channel in the platform. Luminous Landscape will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing.

For those looking for a high quality tripod, the RRS lineup offers a full range of versatile, no-compromise, top-of-the-line, solutions. Of course, the first thing I did was to extend the legs all the way out, and I was astonished to see how tall it can get. This stability is particularly important when working with high-resolution cameras such as the Fujifilm GFX 50S or new Nikon D which captured the shots for this review. The tripod has a built-in spirit level as well to help you my tripod head has one too keep your gear level. The advantage of the 4-section models is a shorter retracted length, including a shorter height when set up with all 4 sections retracted. Minimally, if I do not have full confidence in the item, I have a trustworthy backup readily available. I likewise would stay with the RRS tripod if that is what I already owned.

If you need the best in support, it comes at a steep cost. Quick set-up and break-down is facilitated by easy-to-use twist locks, which versw just a quarter rotation to unlock and re-lock each leg section. It vrrsa also open and close itself automatically on command, and automatically level the head and set it to its neutral position. Because some tripods can get your body and your hands quite tired and achy, particularly near the end of a long day in the field at sunset, when some of the best images happen.


Any laser device such as a laser rangefinder or a laser pointer is all you need.

Product Highlights Load Capacity: This will be a life time purchase for me. Tbc-34l fixed apex cannot be used with accessories like a quick-column but packs smaller in diameter that the TVCL.

It stows quickly and easily, and I can use it in a variety of settings. I am grateful for your support!

It takes only a small rotation to unlock the leg. Rated 5 out of 5 by Kolel from Love it I bought this with a bh55 ballhead. It must be extremely solid and stable.

TVCL Mk2 / TFCL Mk2 Tripods

And just like tires, they are not particularly glamorous, but the sharpness of your final images and the stability and safety of your equipment are directly related to your tripod. Next up is the number of leg section selection.

It fits well on my personal backpack, but it is too long for smaller backpacks and bags. Mark Dubovoy Mark Dubovoy is a well-known photographer, educator, writer and revirw. If it is clunky and difficult to use, the frustration is likely to come through in your photographs; not a good thing.

Really Right Stuff TVCL Versa Series 3 Mk2 Carbon TVCL MK2

With four leg sections, the TVCL is still quite long when folded up. Easy and simple to clean. It performs amazingly and is unmatched by anything else I’ve tried Shooting with the tripod positioned below me, such as vfrsa a stream, is another. I very frequently carry my tripod in seeies hand and I typically grasp it by one leg where the leg meets the chassis as this is a good balance point.


I’d have actually saved money if I hadn’t bought all of those other tripods first. Is there anything not to like? This also means the tripod is more compact when collapsed. I’ve only just used it once and already in love. I’m happy to say that it’s easy to take apart the TVCL and put it back together as good as new. Many feview underestimate the size of the tripod they need.

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And, this holds true even though the platform on the Really Right Stuff tripod sits significantly higher than the Gitzo when the 3 upper leg sections in each are fully extended. This design also helps to maintain the tripod’s slim folded silhouette. I’m on a continuous search for what I consider to be the ultimate tripod. No tripod is perfect, and if I had one complaint about the functionality of the TVCL tripod it would be that it’s a bit long, even when the legs are all the way in. Serries encountered a somewhat similar situation on a more recent workshop, where on our first field outing I saw two participants using tripods that were clearly too small and two tripor.

However, vetsa avoid as much disadvantage to the longer tripod as possible, I adjusted all of the RRS TVCL leg sections to match the fully extended Gitzo leg sections potentially even giving the RRS model an advantage.