Dadi bring turmeric jar, sanjana finds her wedding locket in it. Sanjana and Shaina take the challenge of preparing the Biryani. Shaina says lets do the last circle or I will shoot. Bhushan says wait a minute. Maria 30th Oct – 1: While he is about to leave, Sanjana stops him and blackmails him with his affair with another married woman.

Shaina tells Shreya that she has been acting well. When the inspector does not respond to Ajay, the latter gets angry. Shaina says please start pandit ji. I know woman like you all to well. Had a great time watching this serial…. Lets go and see what pandit ji is doing. Shaina says how does it even matter?

I will call her later. I am only concerned with her death.

Bhushan says wait a minute. He decides to take the number and investigate as to who the caller is.

Sanjana handovers all the proofs to the police and on the basis of the proofs, Sanjana is declared the murderer. R u scared tht your time in reality is near?

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 30th October Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

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elisode On the epislde hand, Shaina visits Ajay and requests him to help her out in wearing a Saree. Bhushan tells the inspector that that Sanjana has been arrested on wrong charges.

All this while, Shreya hears the conversation and learns that Ajay knows nothing about the previous night. This is exactly what I was waiting for eagerly I just love u sanjana n ajay……….

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She says ajay continue or I will call cops and get your sanjana jailed for my murder. Will Sanjana accept her divorce? Ajay says why are there blood stains on your hands?

Shreya says this is my choice. Yash 29th Oct – 7: What will the family’s reaction be when they learn about Shreya’s involvement in this deceitful act? She says did you bail shreya out? Always good serials have finite episodes. Let me look for Sanjana. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. On the other hand, Octoner is still unconscious and the man who has disguised himself as Anuj sits at the ‘mandap’ to marry Mishri.

Vinati says talk now.


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Maria 29th Oct – Click here to login. He tells Ajay that after two days the court would pass its statement and before that they need to collect evidences, which will prove that Ajju is alive. Sanjana says I want to go to Ajay, dadi says we will but you have to feel better. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Sanjana that Ajay is alright but requires rest.

Shaina tells Shreya that she has been acting well. Ridz 30th Oct – Bhushan says i understand its not your mistake. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Elaichi says to sanjana you have done so much for us.

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

Mishri says I think she is in trouble. The family is flabbergasted to hear this. I will surely miss that whole family.