Filtering Click the Filter button on the grid toolbar to enter the filtering mode. Find the details in topic Configuring Email Settings. Managing aliases The grid displays all registered system objects particular to the selected tab — radios, or talk groups, or peers. The meaning varies for different systems. Select this tab to monitor traffic in the slots of the master repeater of the IP Site Connect system. The new grid row is inserted to the position according to the entered Id. The privacy key specified in the repeater configuration. The cursor pointed at the column shows the tip that reveals the call details type of call, total amount, and duration.

Voice calls Amount The amount of voice calls initiated by the group members within the specified date and time range. You cannot display the data of a previous work session. Click the Backup button. Click the Diagnostics tab in the right pane. The IP address of the Selex repeater. Connection in the future time is always a red line.

Software – ip crasher. Sound notifications always show TRBOnet. Allows for voice call lookup based on the specified search criteria. Click OK to save the changes and exit the dialog box. In the Notification Settings dialog box, select the Email Notifications tab for enabling email notifications, or Sound Alerts tab for enabling sound notifications.

Expand the Filter list and select any filter. Settings button opens the configuration of RSSI charts. The deleted row cannot be restored with the Undo command. Confirm the deletion in the popup box. Voice Recording The Voice Recording feature allows you to listen to any voice call stored in the database, and to export the call as a WAV file to a selected folder.

The Critical Communications Review – TRBOnet Watch Release for IPSC and Cap+

To configure email settings: Otherwise, you will get the following error message at any attempt to connect to the database: Operations in reports Operation Build a report Description To build a report: You can open a system in a separate window. Shows all Selex repeaters.


The identifier of the system object.

Setting Filter Criteria Parameters in the Filter Criteria panel restrict the amount of data to be included in reports and charts. Select this tab to monitor traffic in all RoIP gateways in real time. Date and Time panel To set the date and time range: Click Apply in each tab that you update. To view the topology of a particular system, open it in Live Monitor and select the Topology tab satch the right pane.

TRBOnet Watch 2.3.5 User Guide

A cursor pointed at the image shows the tooltip with details The following examples explain how to read the information about RoIP gateways from the topology map. The default rule always takes the last position in the list and cannot be moved. Location This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease battery life. Expand the Filter Criteria panel and update the filtering parameters as described in Setting Trgonet Criteria.

Map to automatically update the indicated online maps and enable features. To download CS 1.

Click Remove to delete the rule. For details, refer to Viewing Channels. One-hour intervals are used if you set equal start and trvonet dates and different start and end hours. To learn more about supported online maps, refer to Supported Maps Appendix A. Date and Time The date and time range included in the chart.

Reports and 1. include information about radio systems that have been registered and enabled for monitoring in the TRBOnet Watch server configuration.

You need to indicate at least two channels for this type of analysis. Find the details in topic Configuring Email Settings. Analytics This section includes the description of all predefined charts that can be generated in the TRBOnet Watch console. The red line indicates that all repeaters are not connected to the TRBOnet Watch server and all IP gateways are not connected to the radio. Satch column color indicates the protocol of transmitted information.


The result appears in a popup window. Click the Settings button on the navigation toolbar.

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Click to start or stop the Windows service. Applies to Enhanced Privacy only. If a repeater generates several alarms of different severity major, minor, informationthe highest of these severity trbohet is indicated by the icon. If hover over the element, the tooltip shows the information about the peer ID and aliasthe IP connection parameters, and system parameters.

Protocol Version The version of the radio communication protocol. The percentage value is calculated in each time interval as the duration of the frequency usage divided by the duration trhonet the channel being connected.

You cannot add custom analytical charts or delete any predefined chart from this list. The XRT connects to one or more XRC controllers, each placed in front of a group of repeaters and playing the role of a master repeater in that group.

It contains the detailed information about each entry, including the protocol Session Type fieldthe type qatch data Session Subtype fieldthe time and duration of the transmission, the radio IDs of the call sender and recipient, the peer and slot that transmitted the call, and the signal strength measured by 16 repeater.