Check out my upcoming short horror film The Raging of the dead and like our Facebook page ragingofthedead. This movie has an incredible soundtrack and wonderfully diverse characters with a very unique story. But for now, while we still love them and they have yet to kill any of our families, this list is awesome in a sad kind of way. What makes a Hero and who is your real Hero? In film, robots can be awesome and friendly and cute. Hazel, it would be a privilege to have my heartbroken by you. Customization and personalization available.

I am nota monster. Okay I’ve seen it and its the cutest and saddest movie I’ve ever seen. Top 10 Saddest Movie Deaths 4,, views 25K K filthyfrank filthyprank pinkguy pinkseason top10 sad death filthyfranktv meme memes dankmemes filthyfrankmemes. In this video, http: I Just need more time. Your email has been sent! Scream Terminator For more awesome content, check out:

Submit your own Neatorama post and vote for others’ posts to earn NeatoPoints saddesh you can redeem T-shirts, hoodies and more over at the NeatoShop! They never got their happily ever afters. Go show them some love.

Top 10 Shocking Video Game Deaths (ft. Todd Haberkorn) – Kopitiam Bot

Wait, they can’t kill that guy It wasn’t supposed to end up like this. Is he still alive?


What makes a Hero and who is your real Hero? I Just need more time. From the times I’ve visited the Disney store or a retail toy store, l have not seen one child, teen or adult take interest in the movie as they vacantly glance over the merchandise and it honestly breaks my heart.

Here are a few Do not let what happened to Princess and the Frog happen to this film. Please do not let this film flop. Nice character you have there, it’d be a shame if someone I figure now would be the best time to embrace the idea of “good robots”, as it seems that our takeover at the hands of evil ones will be happening at some point in near the future, and when that happens, lists like this will be more positive to us than sad.

We won’t share your email. There’s just something about slow motion that makes a death scene all the more memorable. Dank Memes, Top 10, and Saddest Movies: Hazel, it would be a privilege to have my heartbroken by you.

Top 10 Biggest Superhero Deaths – Best of WatchMojo

Cinema’s certainly not shy about letting characters die in uncontrollable ways. It literally has a special place in my heart and it’ll always stick with me.


There are a lot of great movies out there Get those handkerchiefs ready and those tear-ducts under control. Whoever said there’s no glory in death? I figure life’s a gift, Fanibal. Your email has been sent! Finally the time has come to say farewell to one of the most beloved anime of all-time.

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Disney, Frozen, and Memes: Death is a fact of life, but he also moonlights as an actor on the side. Get those tissues ready, folks. Having completed episodes spanning Most epic deaths in films. Since most of us were children, we always wanted a cool, nice, tough robot to be our friend, topp it never seems to happen.

It’s the top ten series that literally won’t die.

There are a lot of videos of best movie deaths or greatest horror kills but most feature one on one action, so here is my own For list of films click here: Memes, Movies, and Fault in Our Stars: