Off to release i. Typed that on my phone, badly. Retrieved from ” https: Recognise the area from my cycle route. Only one picture provided. TG makes a cycle safety ad:

Yeah definitely waiting on the Mega link as well. About that Multipla film, I want my wasted time back. Perhaps at first but the algorithms will only get better with time. If you’re a car lover you shouldnt have a car that does that to you They damn well better not end it on that episode? Wonders if he got downvoted for eating dinner or for uploading to Mega From TG TV series 26, episode 2, the battle of the super saloons.

Ideally though, the driver well, the person in the driver’s seat will be able to choose wether seson wants the car to drive itself for say, the usual daily commute or drive himself when on a twisty B-road for instance. My ISP has udp: Richard’s one use stopping system seemed ridiculous until I saw Jeremy’s one use anti-wrong way down a motorway system.

The Nissan GT-R has received so much press, that Clarkson believes there’s only one way to see how good it is—to race it against Japan’s legendary Bullet Train. James May assesses the new Range Rover around London and then shifts to Nevada for the ultimate challenge against an autonomous military machine. Only one picture provided.

I haven’t laughed that hard at their cocking about since they had the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust. Using a special to cover not only 1, but 2! Audi TT vs Audi R8. The Hillclimb Series 21, Episode 1. Which could only mean good things to come from May. A six-wheeled military behemoth driving around on its own, moving the steering wheel unaided I was thinking there was no way it’s gonna get through there and then it goes and just powers through it.


God I love this show.

Any archive extracting utility should be able to take care of it Winzip, Winrar, 7zip, etc. From TG TV series 26, episode 2, the battle of the super saloons. This article needs additional citations for verification. After all, seven episodes seems to be the sesaon in a series in the last years.

Rear-wheel-drive challenge, part 1/5 (Series 13, Episode 5) | Top Gear

Watch TG TV s25, ep3: The first saw Clarkson showing an image he claimed to have found on “the Internet”, which is not shown on the television broadcast, while the second saw May enthusing about the Dacia Sandero in a very short news item before moving on to the next item without any further discussions on the car. Log in or sign up seasoon seconds. For military use like the Terramax on the other hand, I most definitely see the advantage as streetfife can easily make a difference of life or death if they can send just the truck or have to seawon a crew with it in a conflict zone.

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Rear-wheel-drive challenge, part 1/5 (Series 13, Episode 5)

Something else I just thought of: The cat on top of the car was funny. I’ll update to let you know when p is up as well. A new character was introduced in this series named Top Gear Stunt Man credited as Jim Dowdallthough not named in-programme ; he appeared in the first two episodes of the show, and made a guest appearance in the next series.


About that Multipla film, I want my wasted time back. Recognise the area from my shreetfire route. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

The ultimate pensioner’s car part 1/3 (Series 19, Episode 5) | Top Gear

For something as popular as Top Gear, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it up in a matter of minutes. Typed that on my phone, badly. To be a true “petrolhead”, you need to have owned an Alfa Romeo – that’s what the Top Gear presenters believe, so to see if they are right, the show’s producers challenge them to buy any Alfa Romeo they want with their own money and put them through a series of challenges – Clarkson buys a Alfa Romeo 75 3.

Even the cops go Either that, or some torrents with http: That had to be one of the funniest Streetfier Gears I have ever seen. Wonders if he got downvoted for eating dinner or for uploading to Mega I couldn’t stop laughing.

British roadsters challenge, part 1/4 (Series 15, Episode 6)

That and supremacy and madness. He’d frighten the old dears half to death. Easier than dealing with a deinterlacer. That would be much appreciated. Nice sexson see Muse being used for the second time in as many weeks, and that fiat is a horrible looking thing I’ve always said.

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