Just a nobody I happened to let off. You’re the one who said I could do whatever I wanted right? Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the comment! Despite knowing that they’ll dye their hands black for their own desire, they uglily fight, and before they notice it it is already too late, foolish spirits that can only walk towards destruction. Has it appeared in your heart? Did you want this?

It’s just what that man with horrible taste called me of his own accord. This will be just nice to bring up your desire to kill. Do you want to become god! The absolute wall that’s always before me. Starting from my vision, my mind, my body, are all being eaten up by ‘nothing’. That’s a good look.

The existence that has the same blood as me and carries the destiny named “Nicole”. Heheh is that so! The reason why you passed the totainu fluid to “Igura” and allowed them to freely handle it, is so that you can spread the virus without interfering personally, hunt for the compatible ones among those infected with “Nicole” and kill them.


I downloaded this CD a long time ago and I still never get tired of it You’re gonna make me blush with all that praising. Not just that, but the very action of taking in this blood is already a big test for you.

What’s happened, you’re making such an expression full of desire. What, is that all? Whenever you look at me with those eyes, I want to conquer you. Maybe that’s why I want to know That would be a dog. I won’t use them.

It’s just what that man with horrible taste called me of his own accord. Rather than a dog, it should be a cow. It should be pretty good with a bit of metal.

Five years later, the abandoned capital Tokyo has become a decadent city of crime. How did we offend you!

Introduction -JOUSHOU- (Togainu no Chi – Drama Cd – Shiki) by Redefinition-of-Oblivion | Mixcloud

Im a gigantic Rin x Akira fangirl as well as Shiki x Akira and I’ve been dying to know what they’re saying. Just like this, it’s not enough isn’t it? That precisely is wrong. Who is your master? I’ve never forgotten that man’s eyes from then, not once This will be just nice to bring up your desire to kill.


Togainu no Chi IMAGE DRAMA CD Vol.1 Translation

Take this trunk and with the vase dis Just press down to it and it’ll end, really simple. Are you saying that there is another monster like you? After spending a bit of time, I immediately escaped from the basement.

I’m asking if you can surpass it. Do you want to become god! What nonsense, who wants to take take in your blood! Let go of me! If he doesn’t know anything, I can simply kill him and seal his lips. You were looking forward so much to your master’s return?

Although there are rumours that a civil war is about to erupt, but there’s a sign that there could be other reasons. This is because you can get everything at Toshima.