Next Episode Previous Episode. The lady tells the heroes that the mountain is known for overgrown Onix ; the area’s fertile soil makes them grow larger. They hear a noise, it is Team Rocket trying to catch a giant Onix. First broadcast Japan November 19, The Onix begins tackling the wall of the cave causing it to start collapsing. Misty asks them who is it and they say that it is Bruno.

Both of them look at each other and start laughing. I came up here to catch a strong Onix. The Onix tackles the edge where they are standing, causing Ash to lose his balance and fall into right in front of Onix. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Bruno voice Kayzie Rogers Misty isn’t tired at all, but says okay lets find a place where I can rest sarcastically. Go West Young Meowth.

The Onix is much bigger than they were expecting and Meowth suggests they forget the idea. I’m fine and dandy! Personal tools Create account Log in.

Eventually he gets the right spot and says this will only hurt for a second and pulls out a sandslash. Meanwhile, a giant Iwark is on a rampage. They start the lesson by carrying two buckets of water, Misty doesn’t participate in these lessons and it is supposed to make them physically strong and balanced. Bruno looks down pokeon the Onix which is thrashing around.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Bruno then orders Onix to tell him why he is acting this way and says to not be afraid of him.

To Master the Onixpected

Master Mastef is off, and the group continue away from the mountain. Ash notices what he thinks is a road, but Brock thinks it is instead tracks made by a really big creature. They do so and the Onix goes by them leaving them unharmed.


Way ahead running away Team Rocket says we’re one step ahead of you and Meowth goes after them. They next lesson is chopping wood and this is supposed to give Ash a good grip. Onix just takes a few seconds to recover and Ash grabs Pikachu pokemom electric attacks don’t affect rock and they huddle together waiting for Onix to attack them.

Just then, Delia enters, telling the group that Bruno may be at his secret training ground, on Mt. The group rest at a house where an old lady brings them food and drink.

A few hours later they say Ash looks down and says hey look is that a road? Bruno voice Kayzie Rogers Ash is okay for a couple of steps then falls over splashing Misty and Brock. Jessie stubbornly says that they came for an Onix and that’s what they would get. Brock orders his Onix to use Tacklebut it gets knocked back by the wild Onix’s size. Staryu voice Toshiyuki Morikawa Apparently the Sandslash was irritating Onix the whole time and causing it to act aggressively.

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Bruno fails to detect anything and Brock strikes him hard over the head leaving a large bruise. Hideaway to find one of the Elite Four Trainers. Ash and Brock, completely exhausted, convince Misty that she should rest. After this they tell Ash that because they always get beaten by him they have decided to become hermits and live off the land.


The smoke clears and the Onix is completely unharmed and begins advancing towards them. Bruno tells Ash this is to give him a firm grip.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Ash orders Squirtle to use Water Gun too, and the combined water attacks cause the Onix to recoil from the cave.

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They start to follow him up the mountain, and ask him to help train Ash. However Brock and Misty lament that the famous Bruno wouldn’t waste his time with them. Add the first question. Bruno jumps down really fast and picks up Ash and Pikachu and saves them from Onix. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to capture the giant Onix, which causes it to go on a rampage. The group then head further up the mountain to discover a large trail left by a giant Onix. Ash comments that Bruno could train him to learn the power.

Season 1 Episode Their second task is splitting wood. Bruno agrees to help them as long as they are willing to do everything he tells them to do.

El Maestro de lo Onixesperado.