Read More Posted Apr 11, I tried to build this list programmatically using a combination of thetvdb. Season 2 TV, Nice scene with Royce and Herc, particularly the double-meaning of Royce’s “Don’t mention it” at the end. Season 3 TV, Interview with Matt Weiner Mad Men: One Day at a Time: By now, though, it feels personal, and Stringer only makes the wound deeper by coming across as so confident and invulnerable.

After his homecoming party, he and Stringer talk about their childhood dreams: Nice scene with Royce and Herc, particularly the double-meaning of Royce’s “Don’t mention it” at the end. And style is what Omar is all about. Last week we had that wonderful sequence of Herc walking past the portraits of all the former mayors, wondering if perhaps they’re smiling because they just got the Royce treatment. The finale and “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life” were a much stronger conclusion than the season seemed capable of even a few weeks ago. Just rings corny to me and it has from the first season. Almost as exciting as the return of Omar, for me, was the return of Bunny Colvin. I’d be a little bored too.

Redemption TV Movie Review Season 2 TV, Also, did anyone else get the feeling, when the girl who got cut was covering her face, and especially her eye — I thr sure that she’d lost her eye, the same way that the kid Prez had punched had lost his, and he was reembering that.

That’s great, it starts with an earth — er, nucle Read More Posted Jan 29, Yet another funny moment in an episode full of them: When Omar utters the great line, “That’s why we get up in the morning.

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This week it seemed all about recognizing potential: Read More Posted Jan 31, Read More Posted May 2, Those scenes were painful to watch the first time, both for Prez making wir those wirs mistakes the “But swason can call me Mr.

It had the same effect on me too debbie. I Am the Night. It’s a sign of how great this show is that I want to subject myself to this stuff over and over and over again. Season 10 TV, The finale and “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life” were a much stronger conclusion than the season seemed capable of even a few weeks ago. How I Met Your Mother: Read More Posted Jan 18, There’s a blessed lightness to the whole affair, down to the casting of Karin Konoval – who appeared in two of the show’s greatest episodes ever.


Marlo might tell Michael he could be a kingpin, Cutty might tell Michael he could be in the Golden Gloves, but all Bodie’s suggesting is that slinging’s a good way of making a living. This was also, I believe, our first look at Bug, Michael’s little brother.

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While Royce is busy pulling lame, petty political BS like threatening to freeze out contributors to both sides and having DPW workers waste their day sepinwapl up Carcetti campaign signs, Tommy’s pulling in the donations and finding a way to score a few points from the funeral without seasob or feeling like a total shitheel. I’ve never seen prof. We’ve seen that depicted in in previous seasons, when he comes around the corner with a gun.

This is a nice callback to season one. As one of the newer shows, Alan reviewed every episode as it aired.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire, “Home Rooms”: Omar back!

Season 2 – Chapter 13 TV Episode. He’s still the gun-happy stick-up man with a solid code of street ethics but he’s also bored. In the opening, we see folk hero stick-up artist Omar go down seazon the corner store, wearing his satin jammies and no gun, and the locals are so frightened of his legend that they throw him a bag of drugs to avoid even the possibility of trouble.

All The Links warning: A nice in-joke, though couldn’t someone have gotten an advance copy of George’s new “The Night Gardener” for better product placement?


And I thought it was great. It’s hard to imagine any kind of good ending for the marriage after this.

It’s a marvelous, seemingly endless showcase for Glover to look bewildered, aggrieved, and eventually sepinwal of despair, and sets things up perfectly for the final failed stunt. Read More Posted Jan 11, In fact, in Bodie’s world slinging is as good as it gets, and it’s foolish for Michael to think he could do any better.

Though McNulty spent all of the first season chasing after Stringer, the two characters spent precious little time together.

The Middleman is at once retro and post-modern, the sort of result you’d get if you threw The Tick and the ’50s black-and-white Superman TV show into a blender. Friday Night Lights lives? It’s a step in the right direction for a series that struggled to live up to its potential and pedigree last spring.

The stars are strong enough that a lot of it’s more effective than it should be. Season 7 Preview A The Shield: His father, Jerry, was a psychopharmacologist[2] and his mother, Harriet, is a professor of social studies education at the College of St.

All over but the squealing The Eisode At first I wasn’t sure what he had picked up off the street and assumed that it was a half-eaten candy bar or something. sepjnwall

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 5 – ‘Straight and True’ (Veterans edition)

Read More Posted Apr 18, Archived from the original on 8 July Stringer wanted to own wige few grocery stores, while Avon wanted to get an AK and become a master criminal.

Come to think of it, most of the guys in the co-op meeting looked significantly older than Avon, Stringer or Marlo. Interview with Matt Weiner Mad Men: