As of Season 20 to 29, she has played a trumpet , violin or fiddle , tuba , baritone horn , clarinet , theremin , and harp. The gag generally changes from episode to episode, and usually features the Simpson family’s living room couch. Finally, after a couple of decades, they’ve gotten closer to what I had in my mind. An unknown co-worker in the background eats a sandwich with a pair of tongs. It is then revealed that the sweatshop is contained within a grim version of the 20th Century Fox logo, surrounded by barbed wire , searchlights , and a watchtower. Retrieved October 4, Largo dismisses Lisa, who plays a solo as she leaves and then pokes her head back in the door to finish it. Marge comes and drags Homer out of the bar and into her car where they drive home.

The coloring was changed on most shots, and the characters and animation cleaned up. Despite this, the episode was the highest viewed of season 27 with 8. In the process, a chicken gets in the car, and is sitting next to Maggie, clucking, before she sticks her pacifier into its mouth, before driving them all into the lake, where the car sinks. It begins with two lines of instrumental “O Christmas Tree” and then the normal theme music begins. The shot cuts through the counter in the letter “P” to an establishing shot of the town of Springfield. Plopper the pig is also featured for the first time in the series, during the couch gag and Homer refers to him as “my summer love.

This article possibly contains original research. Sideshow Bob Kent Brockman Mr. Ihtros of The Simpsons couch gags. Used as an opening sequence for ” Dad Behavior “. The phrase he writes on the chalkboard changes from episode to episode. For example, longer couch gags have been used to fill time in shorter episodes, such as in ” Lisa’s First Word ” and ” The Front ” [19] and ” Cape Feare “.

Marge is actually driving the car, and Maggie imitates her horn-honking. Among the products Marge is buying is Tomacco juice and Mr.

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Approximately the first half minute of the opening sequence remains the same, with a few oddities: Archived from the original on Articles that may contain original research from April All articles that may contain original research Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from November All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Articles with multiple maintenance issues Articles containing ximpsons clips.


TV By The Numbers. At a s’ circus, the self-serving strongman Homer gets his lover trapeze artist Marge to marry sideshow freak Moe after learning of the trewhouse ring he inherited from his mother on her death bed.

The camera then weaves through several buildings and structures, featuring a “billboard gag” towards Springfield Elementary and zooms through the familiar window where Bart jntros lines as punishment on the chalkboard. Homer pulls into the driveway and parks, after which Bart bounces his skateboard off the car roof and follows Lisa toward the door.

He was successful, though “not nearly as much as he had pushed for. Retrieved from ” https: Bart skateboards past Otto before weaving through several townspeople: The crow is sometimes replaced by characters, like Shary Bobbins flying by using her umbrella, or also the Planet Express Ship from Futurama.

The Simpsons: are the couch gags the only things left worth watching?

In the end, the couch gag is that the family sits on the couch and the camera then pulls out to reveal that the family was reflected in a Christmas ornament, which rests on a Christmas tree. After calling around for his family, but getting no notice, he takes their pictures and puts them on the couch as he sits there, remarking that “Finally, I get the remote. As soon as Bart crosses the treehoise, a car drives past and Maggie is seen inside at the steering wheel.

He then introw it to Mrs Krabappel who drinks some while they walk into school before Mrs Krabappel grabs Willie and drags him into a classroom. The segment then ends with a slide saying that Cat would eventually return in the fictional sequel “The Cat in The Hat Pledges a Frat”.

Maggie shakes her fist at Baby Geraldwho is beside her in another shopping cart. The new opening generally followed the sequence of the original opening with improved graphics, even more characters, and new jokes.

Marge and the chicken then surface, but Maggie does not. None of the things he depicts are true. Homer, dressed in the dark hat and sunglasses Walter dons for his “Heisenberg” persona, sneaks a taste of the batter while Marge is treehouee and is later woken from a nap by the smell.


Once their mother Marge in a Catwoman costume that every other woman—and Comic Book Guywho wore it not intors it’s Halloween—is wearing leaves for a costume party and tells them their father Homer in a Batman costume is already gone for an Halloween buffet at Moe’s tavern, they are visited by The Cat in the Hat who gives them vaccinations so he can take them out to get candy for them and beer for their parents which their mother Marge never tried drinking.

When the end-of-shift whistle blows, Mr. For example, the chalkboard gag for ” Homer the Heretic ” season fourread, “I will not defame New Orleans.

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A typical gag features the Simpson family running into the living room, only to find some abnormality with the couch, be it a bizarre and unexpected occupant, an odd placement of the couch, such as on the ceiling, or any number of other situations.

Commentary for “Bart the Genius”, in The Simpsons: Burns ‘s mansion and feeding his pet buzzard to a homeless shelter; robbing Moe at his own place where the Halloween buffet their father Homer attends, is hostedskinning him and using his flayed skin as a scarf; robbing Apu and forcing him to spend time with his octuplets and a fierce babysitter named Paola; killing the Twrinches Patty and Selma at their DMV jobplace and tossing car licenses to people waiting in line; blowing up town hall while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask; and committing “aggravated floop-fluffel-cide” using Ralph Wiggum as bait.

Homer now named ‘Homar’ sees a window, triggering memories of when the show was more pure and genuine, and where in one of the three flashbacks, Marge says ‘Still love you Homar’. The scream is added in the third episode, ” Homer’s Odyssey “.