FunnyBunny February 16, at 9: Although she appears to be a kind and warm person, she hides her real face under the mask of lies and pretending to be nice. Ah, but tonight Queen Grandma hears it too. Volcano High Korean Movie. Real looking fake blood may make the viewers too queasy. Episode 6 by Helcat. And who would blame her?

AND the cliffhangers are just about to kill me. That’s exactly how i felt when the princess is back. Before, I was worried about the Yang-Myung bomb I still am. The King of Dramas Korean Drama. To be honest, she’s already past the expire-date on when it’s appropriate to confess that you know about something Yang-myung discovers this firsthand when he finds his path blocked by officers, who inform him that his movements are being restricted on royal orders. Thanks JB, When Yang myung was young his fighting skill was so good compared to the king’s body guard, how come now it did not show at par about his fighting skill? Anime February 17, at 3:

At that time, people fhe be punished harshly for the most ridiculous reasons ever. But keep in mind that the novel writer wrote SKKS and MoonSun, but the screenwriter is probably a different person for each.

I would love it if she tells noone she remembers, and then goes on the revenge warpath with everyone still believing kimfhidrama sad pathetic Wol. Nok-young says that even if everything is cast in darkness, nothing can block the brightness of a waxing moon — so they can do nothing but wait for the moon to wax.


First time comment here, haha.

It’s about time that this drama picks up again because I was on the verge of dropping it. So it’s prolly revelation time. That particular scene made me cry buckets. The slow pace in the previous episodes has been compensated by today’s episode.

Episode 15

Cannot wait fOr next week’s episode. Nodame Cantabile Japanese Drama. She grabs Yeom in a backhug and tells him how she missed him, and he turns and hugs her face to face.

She was saved by a female shaman thhe she was young when she was plotted to be killed by the people who are both jealous and fearful of her beauty and wits when she was just a young girl. YY February 16, at Nok-young bribes the prison guards to visit Wol, and gasps in horror to see her bloodied condition. Posted February 17, Hotaru no Hikari Japanese Drama.

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Brother Beat Japanese Drama. I’m sure she knows that Yoon is bad, judging from the time when she was charged for adultress, he told her to “lie”. He needs to ask her whether one can kill using such arts.

Prev Next Page of She remembers the coffin she was trapped in, and being pulled out.


Next week it is! I’m not sure, but I think the dad knew that the medicine was poison that was going to kill his own daughter.

Like most of MoonSunners here, I enjoyed so much this episode Kaseifu no Mita Japanese Drama. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

But his heart began to start beating again after his encounter with Wol who has lots of many similiarities with kimhidrama already dead Yeon Woo.

Of course it’s just his plan thw bring down the entire evil council in order to protect Hwon and YW. Ow, I watched this live from last night’s episode and darn, that scene with Bo-kyung and Hwon Lot of tears on this ep. My only complaint is ,oon the blood is so fake. Looking up at the face of Nok-young. Can she reclaim her rightful position as Queen of the court? Until she has the chance to speak to NK and find out the what actually happened 8 years ago, she’s going to play dumb and observe what the evil council is going to do.