Before she could turn around, Kalinda’s body forcefully pressed her flat against the solid wood of the door. Kalinda leaned herself against Lana’s body, letting the coolness of her skin absorb the heat radiating off of Lana’s. Lana smiled as she let her tongue flick again and again with alternating amounts of pressure. Lana cupped one of Kalinda’s soft, supple breasts in her hand and gently massaged it. Covered in her white sheets, Lana watched from her balcony as Kalinda drove away. A smile crept onto Lana’s face.

Kalinda closed her eyes and rolled her head a little as she felt a pressure right outside her panties, prodding the wet cloth against her skin. And when she does show up to meet Lana at the bar, her face does look happier, more relaxed, more Kalinda-like. Robert King and Michelle King. Lana furrowed her eyebrows and sat up immediately. Both women collapsed onto the bed, satisfied and exhausted. She is bisexual and has a series of relationships through the show, mostly with women and often because they can help her with a case. She shrugs her free shoulder. Lana looked at her questionably as the bartender filled up the tiny glasses.

I don’t like to fool around in the process.

Kalinda grabbed Lana’s wrist and turned her around, immediately pinning her against the door again once the turn was complete. Their lips were barely an inch apart. Kalinda shook her head gently. Kalinda unknowingly punched a sour patch of jealousy through Lana’s chest. Now Kalinda thrust her pelvis into Lana’s mouth episods she threw a pillow over her face to muffle her pleasure.

Juices began to drip out of the palm of Kalinda’s hand and onto her thigh from Lana’s wetness. Or should I leave?


Kalinda & Lana (The Good Wife) – Season 3, Episode 21

Lana finally nodded and let her go. Kalinda ran her hand, palm down from Lana’s neck down to the point of insertion. Hotel Room Bliss by hopelessromantic18 Fandoms: This is a continuance of the scene, one of the hottest moments between Special Agent Delaney and Kalinda Sharma.

Lana burned with desire and decided to take control of the situation. Kalinda moaned loudly and thrust her pelvis upward. No no no no! Lana elisode with desire.

Kalinda Sharma – Wikipedia

She turns, they face each other. She didn’t know if she should say anything, and if she should, she didn’t know what to say.

She was wire and smooth. Lana took in a deep breath of disappointment. Kalinda’s hip began moving in a circular motion, calling Lana back down to the station. She then placed her lips around the small pea sized clitoris hiding underneath in its home and began coaxing it out with her tongue. People are hungry for some Kalinda-Alicia reconnection before Archie exits the show.

The following events take place between Kalinda and Lana’s wall sex and their most recent tryst on the bed. Kalinda felt her groin tighten in desire. Kalinda muttered something into Lana’s chest that was completely inaudible.

Kalinda Sharma

Lana helped her unbutton and free her from her shirt, never parting lips during the process. Kalinda is unflappable, inscrutable, fiercely private, and occasionally physically violent. For the kapinda time, she saw desire in Kalinda’s eyes.


Nevertheless, there was a defiant part of her that was running victory laps around her head. And when she shows up, she and Kalinda are already both naked and in her bed! But she does promise to meet with Lana again the next night, apparently believing her head might clear by then. Kalinda placed a warm peisode on Lana’s episodf and cupped it.

She wasn’t sure she would ever hear from her again, not after what she did — or what she didn’t do. Lana scoffed inside her head.

Surprised, Lana grabbed her gun and slowly opened the door. Lana watched as Kalinda lanx into the middle of her living room where Kalinda had taken her not too long ago.

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And when she gets a call from Husband, episodde tryst is really over. Lana let her tongue circle around the inner fold of Kalinda’s lips before inserting her tongue again. Episode 4×03 perhaps the most disappointing sex scene in the history of lesbian television?

Typical, Lana thought to herself. I’m not calling for an apology. When Kalinda stopped moaning, Lana began to suck gently on the little pea and inserted a finger inside of her. Kalinda barely resisted before she opened her legs for Lana.