You got that right. Makes some meaning out of what appears chaotic? I barely hung on after Amsterdam. It was divided into different parts in order to make sense of the story. Nick Jan 14, I sometimes question if it was all necessary.

I thought the end was perfect, his attention to and obsession over the brushstrokes and subject of the painting were illustrations of his irrational love for it. By the way, have you heard of the movie? It felt like he died. The painting itself had survived an explosion that killed the artist that created it. The rant at the end was over the top silliness, and it felt like it went on far too long. Was it to tell us how we were supposed to interpret the rest of the novel if so, isn’t that why we join boo clubs or post here. And then “Fantasyland” ensues

Smumary short – I guess the real piss off here was that I was asked to carry that damned painting around for nearly pages and in the end got a b-minus undergrad philosophy paper that was largely divorced from the rest of the book. All the excuses sound so reasonable. Lesa Dec 08, Leslie Apr 29, I just could not get into it.

I loved this book, including the ending. But I could completely relate to Theo as a character through out the entire book. I’m most in agreement with Greenheartlife’s posting.

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Theo’s life is disrupted when his deadbeat dadLarry, arrives with his new girlfriend, Xandra, and whisks him away to Las Vegas. But the problem was that I couldn’t understand a single thing that Donna or the character was trying to say suummary the end.


I do love to hear different opinions of books I’ve read, even if I can’t understand how someone might not feel the same way about it as I did. Like Theo, he is a traumatized boy with a horrible father. Towards the end of the book I started wondering “How is this going to end? Sure, some of the parts were unnecessarily long Theo’s life in Las Vegas but that didn’t even bother me since it allowed me to take all the details of that tthe of Theo’s life in.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt Publisher: I have actually read a lot of really bad reviews.

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They are angry, violent people, and I don’t think that Boris is correctly characterized as such. Jul 5,3: Re Dec 04, I couldn’t get her to tell me whether she liked it, because she just couldn’t stop talking about the drugs.

That seems so Boris. I couldn’t wait to get back to it everyday. He is engaged to a childhood friend goldfijch they are planning to marry.


View all posts by Claire bookscoffeeandrepeat. She ends by saying The last main difference between psychopathy and sociopathy is in the presentation.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Nobody’s wholly good or bad, and Mrs. Theo is putting his mistakes to rest and finally finding a sense of life worth living. Teresa Mar 03, Yes, that is interesting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Was he able to move forward and find a sense of happiness within himself?


I thought that maybe I was too stupid to understand all those deep messages. Anesthesia in the guise of machismo. Good for Pippa for not falling nto that one.

But the philosophical rant, really? In our “blame the victim” misogynistic culture, I doubt that such characters would be viewed quite so sympathetically by most readers. Some part of me wished that I did, but another part was glad that I finally read this ginormous book.

He’s a very seductive character, ala Woody Allen. The Goldfinch is told in retrospective first-person narration by Theodore “Theo” Decker. Or does he become one through his choices? Boris, in his way, came through as well. Boris feels guilty and has devoted himself to recovering the painting summary returning it to Theo. I may still have them in one volume.

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