They go to Thapki but on the way are injured when Sharddha runs them over. Thapki believes that Bihaan is innocent and soon Kabir does too. Amma Mai and Monty are arrested. Sankar fakes her own death. In a drunken state, he impregnates Aditi as well as Shraddha. She does not and they are properly married. Thapki is then kidnapped by Shraddha. Aryan marries Thapki and everyone lives happily ever after.

However, the family are not fooled. She never loses hope and doesn’t let her stuttering become an obstacle in her life. Thapki is pregnant and writes to tell Bihaan but the letter is intercepted by Bihaan’s family. Shraddha blackmails Tina into pressuring Bihaan and Sankar to marry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pat of love and support is an Indian television drama series that premiered on Colors TV on 25 May Bihaan has lost his memory. Before he does, Bani explains all.

It is sixth longest-running Indian television series of Colors TV. Aryan marries Thapki and everyone lives happily ever after. Shraddha tells Sankar that she knows that she had blackmail Thapki and they form an alliance. Aryan is invited to stay with the family to take Bihaan’s place. Sankar fakes her own death. Lovely apologises for her actions.


Mehmoodabad ki Malkaain, Episode 250, 19-03-14

Thapki returns in order epiisode help Bihaan’s amnesia. Dhruv is a well educated and gentle man. Shradda does not like Thapki and schemes against her.

After a while, Thapki finds employment at a television channel called “News ” which is owned by Dhruv Pandey Ankit Bathla.

Thapki arrives at the temple but hides from Bihaan. Thapki and Bihaan meet at their daughters’ school. Thapki believes that Bihaan is innocent and soon Kabir does too. Vasu learns of Aryan and her husband Balvinder Jairoop Jeevan tries to kill him. Views Read Edit View history.

Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani [Episode ] – 30th August – p3 – video dailymotion

One day, Thapki saves Vasu from a falling deity. Bani apologises to Thapki and Kosi is arrested. Shraddha tries to make an alliance with Amma Mai. Thapki Pyar Ki lit. Khatron Ke Khiladi 9.

Shraddha’s plan is revealed by Thapki. Then she is introduced to Diwakar Mishra Hardik Sanganiwho is short.

tbapki The show culminated on 14 July Programs currently broadcast by Colors. Thapki returns as a business tycoon called Vaani Oberoi. Retrieved 12 September Then, Thapki falls pregnant. When Thapki and her family migrate to Noida, Thapki handles the move well and impresses Dhruv.


Bihaan tries to stop her. To Thapki’s horror, she is then married to Bihaan.

Sankar blackmails Thapki by saying she will save Bihaan from hanging if Thapki leaves. Dhaani helps Thapki and they pray together and become friends. Kosi takes Bani in. Thapki leaves and later gives birth to twin daughters who were named Tina and Bani. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For a time, Dhruv is jealous and trties to break up the marriage before realising the error of his ways. Before he does, Bani explains all. Dhruv tells his family that he wishes to marry Thapki.

Lovely disguises Thapki with a veil and introduces her as Rajjo.

This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat Thapki tells Bihaan that his family will want the kidney anyway but Bihaan does not believe her. Thapki is then kidnapped thapmi Shraddha.