He forbids them from seeing each other for 30 days. New York is the place in America where you’re most likely to meet someone you know; it’s our capital of surprise encounters. Her family was all he cared about. I can explain the things I like and love about them, the details Lines like “her asshole was shuddering like a puppy, like a small frightened heart. These are my utmost favorite types of books which are able to hit a nerve time and time again with each read.

The analogy is reinforced by the opening scene of the novel, in which David describes how he set fire to the Butterfield mansion, in anger over being temporarily cast out from what he considered his Garden of Eden. Fuoco che arde e si diffonde, fuoco che si autoalimenta e si dirama, incessante, fuoco che divampa e tutto brucia, tutto spazza via. The prose is often elegant, though it deteriorates, I guess an excusable deterioration given the narrator, during the sex scenes. If parents are not watching out for their kids and they are left to completely consume their time with another this could very well happen. But I guess the book’s reputation has declined steadily, and deservedly, so there’s that. Ma non volevo spaventarla.

Any other books that deal with obsessive love like Endless Love? It’s a once in a lifetime thing. And her parents are hippies, so free and open that they welcome David into their home and into their hearts. They were the only tangible proof that once my heart had wings.

View all 5 comments. He doesn’t say something is wrong with his head, after all he’s the one telling the dtreaming, he just says his parents found it better to put him there than in prison. For the most part, though, Endless Love is another of those acclaimed books that makes me wonder what the fuck literary critics were on in the 70s.

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Two of his books, Endless Love and Waking the Deadhave been adapted into films. I am standing on a long black stage, with a circle of light on me, which is my love for you, enduring. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


One evening, the Butterfields spoiler alert here, stop reading! It happens every so often and it was certainly the case with Endless Love. The attenuating circumstances, in the accused opinion, are the refusal of the adults to accept the reality and the depth of his feelings, his upbringing in a Communist family and the lure of the liberal and anarchic Butterfields. I can no longer be cynical about it: Noi ” siamo ” David. View all 6 comments. Candidato al National Book Award nelun libro scritto con maestria profonda che risplende in un primo capitolo sorprendente e furioso.

They hook up again. It saddens me whenever I discover a book too many years too late. Spencer is a master at constructing a genuine love scene with a rawness and tenderness that makes the heart ache with both madness and astonishment.

Why is it that everyone connected to this sees it as something that dramatically changes their lives, but for David his love for Jade sends him to an insane asylum, and not just once. I enjoyed the reading of this book, especially the grief of a love so intense it looks more like an obsession. I didn’t burn any house down, but yeah, I was acting impulsively and irrationally, and all I have left is the memory of flight, and a stack of letters: Mentre tenta di portare a termine la promessa di ritrovare il fratello, Cassie incontra Evan Walker, un ragazzo strano ma bello con un segreto che non vuole rivelare a nessuno.

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Jan 03, Paul Dinger rated it it was amazing. Both characters are basically where they started which limitj the entire book pointless. Eventually he gets out of the mental institution and is placed on parole. Like Wuthering Heights, this is an anti love story where passion becomes a deathbringer that causes nothing but destruction in its wake. Invece l’ho iniziato, scettico, dando fiducia a recensioni streamihg interessanti.

La quinta onda film streamingin linea o download nel miglior video HD p gratuito su desktop, laptop, blocco note, scheda, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro e altro ancora. I hate to think it but I bet it’s true. I was engaged in the author’s deep tale of obsessive love. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I feel maybe I read it at limitj right time in my life. I seldom read to escape, almost never to just “have fun,” and I strongly believe in that old adage that truth is often tenaciouss than fiction.


My ex tells me it is newer version of Wuthering Heights which is a book we both admire, I strongly disagree while conceding she does have a point. He starts with, perhaps, an attempt at a symbolism: Jun 11, Amy rated it really liked it.

Overall, it’s not a terrible book, and some of it does a good job of invoking the madness of love and the fragmentation of personal identity and the nature of obsession, and other shit.

On the other hand, if a girl picks a sane partner, he may be the best guy on the planet but he’ll be incapable of a love that does not end. This book made me feel, made me reflect on my own emotions, and made me really connect with the main protagonist. View all 3 comments. It’s not healthy for him and Jade to be spending so much time together. Ultimately I ask myself whether the work is easily replicated or somewhat simple.

Specialmente David, dimentico del mondo che lo circonda e di ogni sua tdnacious di futuro, insegue con ogni mezzo la sua amata Jade perdendosi definitivamente.

Hardcoverpages. Refresh and try again. When that bond was rudely interrupted he simply could not bear it. This book is in turns gross, disturbing, frightening, touching, sad, and scary.

I didn’t get the impression that David cared to listen much to Jade or cared about her misgivings. Most of us stream tenacios and forth between those two minds, drifting around in our private self and then coming forward into the public self whenever we need to.

Endless Love

My mentioning of the movie titles is not accidental. It’s nearly thirty years since I first read Endless Love. Return to Book Page.