May 11th, Amazon Customer Easy Grader avg. We didn’t find any participation groups that had a statistically significant greater concentration than what we’d expect to see in this category. We also don’t know why these reviews were removed. Thoughts on this model please The price has gone Michael TB Critical Reviewer avg. Originally Posted by Ard.

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Watch Winder Temotus for Single Automatic Wristwatch – Super Silent Quality Dire

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John Mclean Critical Reviewer avg. More product info View on Amazon. I believe that it has somehow magnetized my watches and no longer use it. The watch winder now produces a continuous buzzing sound when Miss Adlam Easy Grader avg. Time to upgrade my Watch Winder.

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Thank you very much. Read more about our Rating Trend test. See our Adjusted Rating without having to leave Amazon. Adam M Forster Critical Reviewer avg. Anyway, this option won’t work for the OP since it is not for multiple watches, but the multi-watch thing made me recall something I read on the Temotus documentation.

Originally Posted by Ard. With that said the only auto winding device I would ever use again would need to be one with some sort of guarantee against any magnetic field being produced by its electric motor.


We use adblock too However, servers and staff are expensive! But then again longevity will have to be answered in a few more years as I have only had them since I don’t know enough about these devices to comment on how accurate this is Thoughts on this model please Ads are annoying and nobody clicks on them anyway.

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Originally Posted by 6R Excellent product, just follow instructions, plug it in, clip watch Michael TB Critical Reviewer avg. Dear Adblock Users – We get it. It looks very stylish.