In exactly a minute after they meet, they have passionate but joyless sex “The Last Tango in Paris” style. One of their trysts becomes humorous in that, every time we assume it has ended, it begins again, for what seemed to me five times running, at which point the perspiring couple begin laughing themselves. Mail cheques, money orders, cash to: They also plan on releasing six more of Zulawski’s films: His films have a reputation for being erotic, but they seldom are; they are about sex, and they are often graphic without becoming pornographic, but the sex is never satisfying for the characters or the viewers because they are meant to lay bare yearnings that can only be satisfied by our ultimate return to God. But the Italian is more than she appears to be.

But the Italian is more than she appears to be. I’m almost grateful my first few viewings of the film was in this way as it allowed me to really collapse into Zulawski’s compositions and style. Do you think the guy who wrote the Hannibal Lector books was a secret Zulawski fan? Only a member of this blog may post a comment. CLICK to order from: Widescreen letterboxed – 1.

My first Watchblog comment!

The Shaman

Alas, szamahka Polish track so all the audio is dubbed — with the Russian being dubbed over the French track in the manner of verbal subtitling. Andrzej ZulawskiShamankaXploited Cinema. Region 0 – NTSC. The softness and high contrasts suubtitles dark and bright scenes is due to the use engllish a print with reel change marks rather than intermediate source.

The girl whose name we’ll never learn has been known as “The Italian” — she is not an Italian, she just used to work at the Italian Restaurant and make the best Pizza in town or so she says. There are also some young men running the streets of Krakow, screaming and firing the guns I believe that it is supposed to represent the director’s comments and criticism of the Polish Politics — but he lost me there.

It is an anamorphic 1.

The Italian’s emotions are played so as to seem rooted in the objectification and sexual imposition that all attractive women suffer, and though the film might sound exploitative, it paints a very bitter portrait of the indignities women endure in an exploitative culture.


CLICK to order from: Still, I find it to be a haunting work by one of cinema’s great individuals. Alas, it is too late for wisdom and the story to which the principals are doomed must play itself out, as indeed it did centuries before.

But the Italian is more subtitlrs she appears to be.

But, as in all Zulawski relationships, where there is desire, there is pain — pain tapped by the impossibility of true spiritual connection. On the other hand, an interview with Zulawski was recently published to a very positive feedback: Actually, in Poland this was probably one of the most reviled films ever made – critics unanimously panned sza,anka and it was seen as the absolute nadir of Zulawski’s uneven career.

Between plentiful and boring erotic scenes, Michal tries to solve the mystery of the Shaman remember, it is his first obsession?

The shaman’s body discovered in possession of psylocybin and other antique hallucinogens is covered in tattoo spirals and other arcane markings, and the back of his head has been shattered, ostensibly to permit the fleeing of his soul.

By the end of the movie Michal realizes that he must run from “The Italian” because as he correctly guessed “she is death” but the sexually voracious and suntitles disturbed girl has another plans for him We were also unprepared for the latent humor in the film eglish laughed riotously when she somehow obtained a job running a blast furnace.

She emits some primitive, dangerous sexuality – she is unpredictable, swift and reckless. I made some minor tweaks to the text of this blog entry today, based on information given to me by Facebook friend Daniel Bird. The moment when the mad team of scientists walk like Egyptians across the screen is simply one of the most impressively preposterous in Zulawski’s filmography.

Since it wasn’t English friendly I had no choice in those early viewings that to totally become entranced by just the film’s visual aspect which is astounding and Iwona Petry’s face also quite mesmerizing.

In exactly a minute after they meet, they have passionate but joyless sex “The Last Tango in Paris” style. The first one is a mummified, 3, year-old, perfectly preserved body of a Shaman he and his colleagues have recently dragged out of a swamp, and the second — an enigmatic student Iwona Petry he dzamanka by chance at Krakow Suhtitles Station.


At the end of the day, I really love the work and count it as a personal favorite although I don’t rank it ultimately one of Zulawski’s great films 3rd Part of the Night, Importance of Love, Possession and for me Fidelity.

I had kind of an odd way of coming at it as my first copy that I got in the late 90s was an unsubtitled print.

I’ll have to grab those two other Zulawski titles they have out. I didn’t quite make out the ending, but does the Shamana eat dubtitles guys brains at the end?

Szamanka () with English subs

It’s nice to see you championing Zulawski’s work so passionately, he needs a new cannon, especially in today’s really weird times where religion, politics and the slow erosion of nature’s complex systems are becoming more fragile by the year. The non-anamorphic transfer is a PAL-NTSC conversion with ghosting which is noticeable since there is a lot of movement as both actors and camera are constantly mobile.

Linda plays Michal, a Polish archaeologist who meets a college student wubtitles only as “the Italian” Iwona Petry when his suicidal priest brother abandons his apartment. Tony Simonelli at Xploited Cinema tells me he has only one copy left in stock, which they will not be renewing, so I would recommend that anyone interested in seeing this fascinating, mad picture should act Very soon she and the professor are engaged in engilsh affair that grows dark and explicit, and the movie enters “In The Realm of Senses” territory which prepares you for a very predictable and if you ask me ridiculous ending.

Widescreen letterboxed – 1.

I felt like celebrating when I got the Russian disc you mentioned and was able to finally watch the film and have a englissh sense of the story.