Co-leader alerts security at Mappoint 9, and then a tank draws the mobs that spawns between Mappoint 8 and 9 into the room where everyone is standing Mappoint Reply 7 of Viewed times. Let the CM do that. But take it easy. Since my alt is a Chef, I made some with And then the fun begins. It clearly shows how effective a CM is. You cannot shoot from it.

These foods will save your neck. Since the guy that does the looting, will also loot the keys needed to unlock Locked door no. Report Abuse to a Moderator. The Full Wiki Search: Just touching it will spawn a SBD. But again, you may get lucky and loot a jetpack component from the coalbin. This is the part that many other guides have been quite unclear about.

Try to stay meters away from the mob you are fighting, as all area attacks by enemies have a 6 meter range.

Death Watch Bunker information – The Full Wiki

Yes, despite their lack of armor and protection, Jedi will be the players that will do the main potion of the damage in the bunker. Then turn left just before the SBD.

You can also see your group mate standing at Mappoint The Jetpack is in fact a fancy bike. Remember you need the Alum Minerals in order to gain access to any the Crafting Rooms. Intrepid Reply 14 of Viewed times. Im sure if you have a couple Jedi then it would be possible.

The Death Watch Overlord was the leader of the mercenary group residing within the bunker, taking charge of Death Watch WraithsGhostsand Bloodguards. If anyone goes rogue, it may very well kill the entire group. Deliver the Clean Battery to the Foreman at Mappoint Once the group gets familiar with it, you can avoid that SBD every time.


Once everyone is at the 1. Make sure deah team understands that it will take time, work and dedication to conquer this dungeon. The rest of the group will be left inside the crafting room.

Death Watch Bunker: Misc

Kill him and loot him for the Jetpack Stabilizer. Again, good teamwork between the leader and the co-leader is a must. This is the 2. Chestplate, Biceps and Boots. Alert security at Mappoint 24, and move back towards Mappoint Even if you are Rifleman, hunker like you were melee.

The MDE need to have 2 items in his inventory before he can unlock the door: Have you tried doing the entire Foreman’s Quest in one go without a combat medic and no jedi?

Swgemu – Failed Death Watch Bunker Run

As a side-note, if you are aiming for killing the Overlord at Mappoint 28, you should send one guy into Mappoint 17, and tell him to STAY there. Use your self-healing abilities as a last resort only. As a Master in all of the entertainer professions, what is buff storing? This should be done by the leader s. If you create a Mandalorian armor shematic, the crafter will be immediately ejected and the rest of the group at the end of bunnker 5 minute countdown.

I fail to see though how combat medics make a big difference. Access the terminal and select Continue once more.

As I mentioned earlier, you should have 1 person from your group waiting at Mappoint Btw, how many medics can heal Mind? Chimaera Reply 3 of Viewed times. From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki. So you really need to plan ahead. You have already unlocked all the doors, so you just need to move to Mappoint 6, using the shortest way possible and back again.


And we were out with a Helmet in our inventory within 1 hour. Unpack a lot of area stimpacks, and throw them like you were throwing candy at kids in a kindergarden. Here you need to prepare yourself and your team.

The execution date is set Remember, that this part of the quest has a timer. The Foreman will also tell you that he might be able to get more of those Alum Minerals. Leemeg from FanStar has made an excellent map, which I have modified a bit. Without these items in the inventory of the MDE, you cannot unlock the door. Also make sure that your Master Artisan has all the items needed for the Deathh. After dropping the last item into the droid, the Artisan has daeth seconds to activate the first of two processes from the terminal.

Of course everyone will bring a buff, but duration is the key here.