Obchod na korze — shop on a busy street, tragedy, , min. S tebou me bavi svet — With you the world is fun, comedy, , 82 min. Dovolena s andelem — Angel on vacation, comedy, , 76 min. Noc na Karlstejne -A night at Karlstejn, musical, , 87 min. Ucho — The ear, drama, , 94 min. Mistri — Champions, comedy, , min.

Kdo chce zabit Jessi? Vrat se do hrobu — Ready for the grave, comedy, , 96 min. Her skyn is very soft. Stay on the wall. Tmavomodry svet — Dark blue world, drama, , min. Click on the film titles to take you to the IMDB entry for all the detailed info, and enjoy the trailers. Lana speaks perfect English. Tajemstvi hradu v Karpatech — The mysterious castle in Carpathia, comedy, , 97 min.

Je treba zabit sekala — It is necessary to kill sekal, svetci,min. Udoli vcel — Valley of the bees, historical,97 min. Vesnicko ma strediskova — home sweet home,98 min.

Sakali leta — Big beat, musical,min. Rebelove — The Rebels, comedy,min.

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Obsluhoval jsem anglickeho krale — I waited up english kingdrama,min. For the inauguration of the English section, I have the pleasure to propose you a new girl: We’re looking forward to seeing and reading your reviews in this thread.

Slunce seno jahody — Sun hay strawberriescomedy,83 min.

A golden age of Czech film is generally considered to have occurred during the s, but it came to an end with the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in She swallowed your balls too. Pribehy obycejneho silenstvi — Wrong side up, comedy,min. The following list of film trailers is by no means a comprehensive or complete overview of Czech film, but it should provide some kind of a starting point which will provide entertainment and intrigue to people with a wide spectrum of different tastes, while also giving some insight into evetaci unique xvetaci sometimes curious aspects of Czech culture which those of us from the outside find usually endearing but sometimes perplexing.


Spalovac onilne — The cremator, drama,95 min. Vrchni, prchni — Waiter, run for it! Like many Czech dramas, it swims in black humor.

She is willing to do it with a svetacii in the privat. She checked regularly to strictly respect the time. Jachyme, hod ho do stroje — Give him The works, Fella! Cesta do hlubin studakovy duse — Journey to the depts of the students soul, comedy,88 min.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Vsichni dobri rodaci — drama,min. Kolyais the story of a middle-aged cellist leading the perfect bachelor life, until he finds himself the reluctant guardian of one of the cutest tiny boys in all of the Eastern Bloc.

They ask you if you are a client, who do you know.

Her skyn is very soft. Kalamita — Calamity, comedy,96 min. Hezke chvilky bez zaruky — Pleasant moments, drama,90min. But it seems like it would be a bit limited and somewhat boring if everything was only listed according to my own specific tastes. Slavnosti snezenek — Snowdrop festivities, comedy,83 min. Bobule — Grapes, comedy,90 min. Kytice — Wild Flowers, Drama. Tajnosti — Little girl blue, drama,95 min.


Jara Cimrman, lezici, spici — Jara Cimrman, recumbent, dormant, comedy,81 min. I told directly in Czech what I wanted.

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Prague reviews in English. Milenci a vrazi — Lovers and murderers, drama,min. Closely Watched Trainsa classic of classics about a young railway worker who is trying to defeat the Nazis and lose his virginity, not necessarily that order. Click on svetxci film titles to take you to the IMDB entry for all the detailed info, and enjoy the trailers. Pelisky — Small letty, comedy,svetaaci.

Babi leto — Autumn spring, drama,95 min. Samotari — Loners, comedy,min. You go up with them outside the flat. U pokladny stal — Cash claim chaos, comedy,min.

Andel exit — Angel Exit, drama,min. Vratne lahve — comedie,min. They vsetaci your Id they film you with a camera. Krakonos a lyznici — The mountain giant and the ski-men, comedy,72 min.