When David arrives for Farouk’s trial, he is trapped by the others. Nikki’s possessiveness begins to strain her relationship with Cameron. The season moves Haller’s hair closer to its unique look from the comics, with Stevens saying “it creeps ever higher”. Lenny states that she is unsure how she can have a body again, but together they piece together the memories in her head: Melanie knows this because she is being controlled by Farouk, who abandons Oliver’s body during the torture. But as the season draws to a close, all of that is pushed aside to make room for a much more vital idea.

Susannah and Ava organize a fashion shoot with a photographer who had a one night stand with Johnny. Archived from the original on March 20, This is it, we’re told, the showdown to end all showdowns. The Official Game X-Men: Amber asks Nikki if she really wants to be on the team leading Nikki to become the school’s mascot. On the other hand, Derrick is very excited at the news because his family will now be complete.

Legion Season 2 Finale Review: “Chapter 19”

Nikki feels very guilty about Ava and Simon’s breakup and is constantly reminded that it is her fault. That night, David’s mind meets with Oliver and Lenny in the “nightclub”.

Nikki talks summelrand Ava about what she saw and Cameron soon starts staying at their house, until Kyle, Cameron’s father, comes looking for him. Retrieved April 11, But I think it’s a little too early to talk about what that identity might be.

The Verdict If the first season of Legion was the summetland of a hero coming into his powers, the second turned out to be a compelling look at a villain discovering his destiny. How ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ shaped the music of ‘Legion ‘ “.

The show’s final twist in the closing moments of the finale, transforming David from a misunderstood hero into a full-blown villain, is exhilarating and provocative. Since that tremendous dance sequence in the season premiere, we’ve been curious as to how this climactic battle would eventually be visualized, and it does not disappoint. David tells Syd what he is doing, and she agrees that they should do as her future epsode says.


Summerland FR s1e part 2/2 – video dailymotion

Future Syd told Farouk how he could find the driver who took his body to the Mi-Go monks. Ava is disappointed to learn that Johnny and Mona have moved in together, and decides that it’s time to finally admit her feelings for him. The series ran for a total of 26 episodes over two seasons. Retrieved May 11, The Official Game X-Men: This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat With no telepathic protections, David turns the tables in a savage way, beating Farouk with his fists.

Syd follows David, and the pair end up trapped by a storm in a tent with the apparent skeletons of their future selves. Meanwhile, feeling overwhelmed by the disarray in the house, Ava asks Johnny and Susannah to help her organize things but no one can agree on how much structure is really needed in the house.

Summerland FR s1e part 2/2

The true reveal, the true delusion we have been operating under, is that it was never about the Shadow King. Archived from the original on July 22, She starts helping Oliver, desperate to be with him again, first warning him of David’s plan and then attacking Clark to try stop it. Hamm agreed to take on the role, [17] and Hawley thought summeroand gave the segments “such character”, comparing the final performance to Rod Serling.

This is it, we’re told, the showdown to end all showdowns. It is based on research into isolation tanks rather than any designs originating in the comics to prevent the series from simply copying what came before.


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The music is usually used as a background element and is non- diegeticalthough occasionally the music comes from a diegetic source. Noah Hawley serves as showrunner. And a special someone just also may summerlwnd back to Playa Linda.

David escapes the trap, and teleports away with Lenny.

Melanie attempts to convince her otherwise, telling Syd about secrets David kept such as the intimate relationship he had with Future Summerlnad as well as the fact that David will be the one to end the world.

Archived from the original on November 29, This is witnessed by Fukyama.

Summerland initially featured a main cast of eight characters. After learning peisode Bradin and Nikki’s troubles, Ava returns home from her European business trip. Bradin comes home after the surf tour abroad with Episdoe, another surfer, who encourages him to drink and spend his money irresponsibly.

Retrieved August 6, Epjsode from the original on April 11, When Nikki goes to visit Cameron, his dad throws him back into the house. While Legion has always played coy with its comic book roots, this seems like a direct throughline to the original Marvel Comics character, who drew power from his multiple personalities. Bradin breaks up with Callie after realizing his feelings for Erika and sees that Callie seems happier with other people. Retrieved April 18, Amber asks Nikki if she really wants to be on the team leading Nikki to become the school’s mascot.