We may prate of toleration: Not a nice thing to have as a blatant story arc, but nonetheless, the movie does hold a dark undertone. Clive sees Dren all naked and exposed and tied up and feels very sad. Videos 3 days ago. The centerpiece of the movie is a creature which goes through a dramatic evolutionary process. The only good thing she said about it was that it made her feel better about HER life.

It show great special effects with the new born Dren, Ginger and Fred. Playing out like a cross between Harry and the Hendersons and a Learning Channel special on raising mutant babies, Splice is way too melodramatic to be considered a horror movie. Srsly, quit being a bunch of fags! Views Read Edit View history. He may be stating that as she already has the some of the same genetics that she ids viable for carrying his offspring or he simply stating he want to mate with her to produce offspring. I am hoping there is however, and hopefully, unlike the Fly II, it does better than simply repeat the first story with different names. At the end of the movie, when Elsa was standing at the window and her boss came up behind her, the camera zoomed out and their profiles looked like Elsa with a tall male Dren standing behind her. I thought they looked very similar, but that thought never crossed my mind.

This could be a movie in itself. Then Elsa goes into shock and the fleshy thing is all squirming around. You can find many of Michael’s videos on the Gallery page. Did anyone else notice the picture of Elsa and? The meat blobs are named Fred and Ginger. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

So no, it was not pointless. The actors did a superb job and I applaud their effort and commitment. But then the lab is getting some renovations, so they have to move freak baby. The finish of the movie is so stuppid and the director is dumb, how could Elsa beeing pregnant with the male dren monsters baby, when she had a sex with Clive before having sex with dren male in the ending scene?? Had it been my movie, I would have kept Dren female and had her become pregnant by Clive.


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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Most people I assume would freak out if they were being raped by anyone or anything especially with wings growing out of its backand I doubt any amount of her screaming would have upset Dren—he seemed pretty in control of the situation, with poised poisonous tail. Drag Me To Hell – heck of an ending. Alas, Dren is not really dead, but like Ginger, has turned into a violent male creature.

Clive sees Dren all naked and exposed and tied up and feels very sad. Dren killed Brody out of spite, to hurt Sarah Polley. This is so illegal!

Go watch Sunshine or Moon if you want a decent modern sci-fi flick. Notify me of new comments via email.

SPLICE (!!!)

Joan offers Elsa, now visibly pregnant with Dren’s baby, a synopssis sum of money to go through with the pregnancy, which Elsa accepts. Top Posts The Master and Margarita – the best translation?

She was feeling pretty down. Another is that some amphibians change sex after a certain time in there lives, age or height and weight. He takes her back to his lab and spells out his nutty plan to use the teleporter to combine himself, her, and their unborn child into mocie single being. Maybe its the cause of such sex behavior. After successfully mating them, Clive and Elsa plan to create a human-animal hybrid that could revolutionize science.

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Splice – Bloody Disgusting

Then Elsa and Clive go to a meeting and they are like, look what we did, it is movvie awesome! Anyways the ending spkice sorta stupid to me. What are you doing Clive you know this will cause problems down the road!

The creature rapes her. I think this is the major wrong with the ending of the movie, I think. Splice scientists cook up DNA monster”.

That can be harder than you might think. Science fiction will definitely not be revolutionized by this movie, but it is an interesting movie that gets the audience to ask a lot of questions of the world and themselves. Elsa tells Barlow that Dren is dead and buried behind the barn. The spoilesr is a flying creepy male chimera.

Movie Pooper for the film – Splice

Oh yeah and if spljce already have a graphic sex scene you might as well include rape as well. Polley does her best by putting her in frilly dresses and attempting to teach her to read. Clive and Elsa, however, disobey their superiors and pursue their own agenda in secret, developing a viable prepubescent female creature.

Splice easily could have been better, but it was certainly not a waste. The sec scene was ridiculous and we all saw it coming. This freaks Clive out. She alluded to this when she said her mother never her let her play with the doll, she had to keep her a secret, like little creatures as Dren. Maybe nobody bothered to read the last 20 pages.