By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Antti Jokinen as Antti J. I was like wtf? Latest release in The United States Norma. Edit Storyline A tormented young woman is given a hiding place by an elderly lady and soon they are reminded of their mutual horrendous past. It was a hapless young woman, battered, abused, writhing in fear and pain. My brother rented or as the British say let the apartment through Hamish Robbie Lettings and we got the keys from Mr. So Liide, the story tells us, cannot escape the past.

The friendly taxi driver saw it and as I said, came to the rescue. She explores how human kind adapts to ever-changing circumstances. The first is an elderly woman who, as we learn her story, is the textbook definition of a survivor She been through WW II, starvation, rape, torture, a dead husband and lost family. Zara is the representation of the present, while Aliide is the past. They sadly had no idea that the cold war had begun even before the fires of war had burnt themselves out. Latest release in Ukraine Norma. The horrors endured by these two have given them an uncommon common ground and their stories spin out backward from their first meeti Wow. Ridiculous but we still did it.

Will these two women help each other? I consider the film very well directed and performed. Her parents are proud and Hans, her new husband, is deeply happy too.

This page was last edited on 11 Julyat Oksanen is oksahen master at rendering people in precisely those circumstances. This made the leaving even harder for me. Who is Katia and Zara? Because she has nowhere else to turn.

She will sunder the past from the present and this will set Zara free.

Where are we going? Purge will be published in April and is available for pre-order. She is victim and culprit.

Sofi Oksanen

The resistance of course had no chance, and the Russians went after anyone they thought was aiding their enemy. Sofi Oksanen was born in Finland to a Finnish father and an Estonian mother. The Legionnaires — Per Olov Enquist. Available in Prime Love of My Life. They married, were very happy and Synopsis: Latest release in Canada Norma.


Blackwater — Kerstin Ekman Put a soul through enough purging, and it’ll insanely clasp the surviving obsessions to its emaciated breast all the tighter. Also, Zara’s grandmother continues to hold on to native Estonian tongue, resisting a change in language.

Latest release in China To be announced. The book chapters jump in time to tell the tale of some horrifying events in their lives which correspond to the historical events which take Estonia, in general, and their rural village specifically through WWII, soviet rule and independence. And then another problem came when we went to the bank to set put an account for my brother.

And not just only flying there but also during flying back to home also. Latest release in Portugal Norma. The story has very short chapters, with quickly shifting times and locations, which a Canadian reviewer mused was probably because of its original conception as a play.

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He was a proud man and joined the resistance. The girl is hiding fiom two men who forced her into prostitution after she left Vladivostok Russia to work in West Germany in A simple band plays. Three women dominate the narrative: Estonia a few years shy to reclaiming its independence the last Russian troops left on August 31, was under the communist rule of the Soviet. How long must I wait and why? With Purge, Oksanen has crafted a work acclaimed and loved for its brave deconstruction of history, its psychological sensitivity and its gripping portraits of women and the female experience of the loss of freedom.

Will the Horror mankind pubastus capable of ever be purged? Yes ,this movie has plenty of raw scenes, and not for everyone, but for othersyou can see the powerful message through it!


Therefore, this puhastux my inadequate attempt to write a review focusing on language, feelings and characters. The Flowers of War. Getting into this hotel was the first problem but I must admit that the hotel itself was a problem in general.

Latest release in France Norma. I only cared what my parents would say about fllm.

I did love the details like horseradish onlone pickles and marigold salve, things that Ingel and Aliide make. Latest release in Finland Norma. Incidentally, Puhdistusthe original Finnish title, is a word that can not only be used of purges like Stalin’s, or cleansing oneself after trauma; it also means housework or cleaning. Oct 20, Matti rated it did not like it.

The first is an elderly woman who, as we learn her story, is the textbook definition of a survivor She been through WW II, starvation, rape, torture, a dead husband and lost family. I went along to help him settle and help with all the contracts and documents and almost all of the contracts he has to do by himself because I had to be back in Estonia. Latest release in Ukraine Norma. The novel has been adapted into a film directed by Antti Jokinen and has been selected as the Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards.

Later, after the marriage, when Hans has joined them to osfi in the farmhouse, Liide will hear them making love at night, Hans the good man loving Ingel the good sister. Latest release in Turkey Norma.

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