The IQ test sparks another class rivalry between Kamo and Kat. Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. Mapitsi gets the best news of her life. Thursday 27 October Episode 79 Sparks fly at a meeting between two feuding families. So loving dis drama heeyyy. Charles regrets lending money to a friend in need. Monday 3 October Episode 61 Katlego hears the worst news of his life and his heart is shattered.

Coming up on Skeem Saam in October I wonder who owes Charles Kunutu money? Skeem saam hayi man am so confused mxm. Ma Kunutu struggles to prove her innocence. Hawu whats up with Mapitsi? MaNtuli does something unthinkable to try and save her son. So loving dis drama heeyyy.

Pulane makitle 03 Oct Babymaker dangles a risky solution in front of Leeto. Tuesday 18 October Episode 72 Mapitsi makes a decision that will have devastating consequences.

Poor Sesaon, she needs break out of problems. Friday 7 October Episode 65 The situation at the culinary academy is tense and explosive. Order has been restored at the culinary academy and love is in the air.

Ma Kunutu is on the verge of finding her mojo. Shows in this weason Kenny is a thief nd pretty is 2 blind 2 it. Edit My Account Settings. Or Mangaliso kissing Lelo? Js wix mapitsi aint preg agn xe’s bin thru a lot n whts with ol the drama wif reetzo leeto?? Thursday 13 October Episode 69 A man kisses someone that he should not, and unsettles the balance in his own home.


Tbose and John Maputla are in for a eepisode discovery. Charity is shocked by what Marothi reveals to her about his past.

I’m glad things are shaping up for her. Hawu whats up with Mapitsi? Laaag Where is Condom Mapitsi?? Skeem saam hayi man am so confused mxm. Marothi is determined to win Kat over. Lelo gives epiisode old friend advice about a legal matter. Seasoj 24 October Episode 76 Sonti finds an unexpected guest in her bed.

I wonder who owes Charles Kunutu money? The IQ test sparks another class rivalry between Kamo and Kat. Mpho Patricia nkwinika 18 Sep Koko Mantsha reveals disturbing and embarrassing news to Meikie, setting her on a warpath. Friday 21 October Episode 75 Ayanda comes back to Emkay with her decision regarding a strange request.

Skeem Saam Teasers – October 2016

Skeem saam is good BUT not good enough for the 8pm slot. Two lovebirds in Polokwane are about to get very close.

Emkay feels like Ayanda has stabbed him in the back. Ma Kunutu faces a new challenge. Friday 28 October Episode 80 Elizabeth discovers something disturbing in the flat. Skeem sam is getting boring now o kare ke soul buddiesthey should try to accomodate adults ka 8: Charles saxm Ma Kunutu fight over her decision to forgive the Maputla family for killing Ben.

Sonti has a confusing interaction with her boss. The police discover the epidode truth about Lelo. Hop kwaito has learnd his lesson ths tym. Charity makes a brave move in her relationship with Marothi.



Tbose has a difficult time in the exam room. Meikie is devastated when she finds out what one of her sons has done and takes it out on the wrong person.

Maybe its Wallet or Magongwa Katlego finds himself out of his depth. Two strange bedfellows toast their unholy alliance and friendship.

Emkay has a new and powerful ally who could flatten Kwaito and Tbose. Tbose races against time to prevent a massive disaster. What’s up wth leeto vheleI hope mapitsi s nt preg hey.

Agree with you laleli. So loving dis drama heeyyy. John forces Leeto to face the reality of his situation. I feel episove for that person. Lelo is becoming a bigger problem for one of her exes, and is determined to wear him down. But lets watch and find out.

Monday 10 October Episode 66 Mokgadi comes under fire and endures endless accusations in the Maputla household.

Coming up on Skeem Saam in October Ai m now confused. Emkay resorts to threats to get himself out of a tight spot.