That final fight, just mesmerising and so sad. Dong Soo gets the advantage, but Chun recovers. Gwang Taek prevents Dong Soo from rushing after Chun. A Thousand Days’ Promise. As they get into position to start the fight again, Hong1 orders the archers to shoot. Gwang Taek, in return, thanks Chun. He asks where everyone is, but she comes at him with the knife, saying that he killed her father, and should die. My poor Un had no one to teach him.

After clashing overhead, as they step forward to breakaway, Un stabs Chun in his side. If that is just too much to ask, then get out of the relationship or seek help. Sa Mo starts to draw out his knife, saying Chun should apologize to Gwang Taek in the afterlife, but Jin Ki stops him. In the background, Hong1 and the archers arrive and start taking aim. Ohh… Gwangtaekie… That was so cruel of you.: Get me outta here!

A parade of swordsmen and other assorted folk arrive to pay their respects, and Hong2 and the toady find Dae Ung among the onlookers.

As Jin Ju sits at his side, Gwang Taek apologizes to her. Chun pauses and asks what did he say? Warrior Baek Dong-soo Hangul: Chu sits by the lake, drinking and trying to absorb what happened.

Un tells him that was his best attack. Chun gets a slightly puzzled look and deliberately pauses. Back in town, Dae Ung picks up a new crossbow and bolts from the blacksmith. Dong Soo recalls Gwang Taek telling him that it takes a desperate heart to move a sword. He hands the knife back to her, and asks her where Dong Soo e;isode.

Jin Ju arrives just then. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Chun is the only person that Un could have called his family, but then it turned out, not really. As Hong1 starts to signal the archers, Un puts a sword to his neck and tells him to stop. She demands to know how the person who killed her father could show up in front of her. Un, who saw the whole thing, is fairly certain that Gwang Taek missed at least three chances to strike Chun.


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Dong Soo follows and she laments that if she had known, she would have been a more attentive daughter. A very upset Chun leaves, as a very upset Warrrior Soo arrives.

Started at ep1 two weeks ago, I am now completely caught up waiting for the final episode this week. Promotional poster for Warrior Baek Dong-soo. And finally Chun also imparted his wisdom to DS.

Sinopsis Warrior Baek Dong Soo

Thank you for your lovely recaps. Dong Soo gets the advantage, but Chun recovers.

They haul him eipsode to Lord Hong and they start a plot to finish off Chun. My poor Un had no one to teach him. Un is my favorite character and the reason I keep watching. As they get into position to start the fight again, Hong1 orders the archers to shoot. Chun disarms him and throws him down next to his warior.

You can run it longer if you can find lots of oil and hard water deposits in your coffeemaker. He thanks him sincerely. I felt so sorry for, not Chun who loses, but for Un who remembers thier past while fighting.


How could he kill her father? In the midst of fluids leaking out through eyes and nose honestly such dng mess right now I found this… Gonna miss everyone so damn much.

Dae Ung spots him there and mutters that Chun will be next. He asks Gwang Taek why? The 3rd epislde from the bottom was hilarious, I saw that somewhere and thought it had so photoshopped for laughs. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: My precious Changwook-ssi is not getting away from me that easily!! However, the King happens to see him and gets upset. As Lord Hong calmly drinks, Chun throws a guard though the door and comes in.

In fact, they will probably tell you, going through all the paper-pushing by themselves grants them peace of mind as they are able to personally deal with probable registration challenges. A Thousand Days’ Promise. Spazz here all you want. I wonder if they might consider making a prequel about them.

At Assasssins HQ, Un thinks about vong fight, which he witnessed all of. He grabs her arm and takes the knife, asking who her father was. SS had taught DS warrikr he knows. He just sits like a rock and takes it.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo 1-29 (Final)

He starts training with it. She grabs his arm and tells him to leave. Email required Address never made public.