It felt like a waste of 90 minutes. If not for the stupid amnesia, he would have gotten her back in a few hours instead of being in pain for days. I’m itching to see what happens next, and it makes the wait for subtitles a little more bearable. After Healer, I wanted to see what she would do with a sageuk. That said, after my initial disappointment, the ending was not as bad as I’d thought. After Goblin, and now Hwayugi And it was so cute seeing San dwarfed in Rin’s clothes!

Nothing spectacular or to write home about. The grandson says that Grandma insisted that he go outside that night and bow to the stars. I’m glad that we’re now starting to see Won’s dark side cue Darth Vader music and I can’t wait to see how it affects his dynamic with Rin and San. At the beginning I thought he just wanted to possess her because he was infatuated with her, but I am glad to know he actually has developed a lot of respect for her as a human being. According to the original Chinese classic, eating the monk gives demons a huge boost in strength. Anna and YG are mainly running for money. Anyway, Daddy Tyrant mentions that Young-gul asked Jae-hyuk to put on a fashion show for her. This would have left both men without the prize which would have been a great lesson for them both.

Why does he trust BooYong so much?

I guess that may have been my biggest issue. They brought her back to work for them to free SOG.

The King’s Woman: Episodes 19-20 Recap

I’ve seen a lot of shows so I don’t really mind no resolutions. A loose thread that never got How did it spiral down so fast and come to that shock-a-roo ending?!! HJH said drama and novel have different ending? Perhaps the ending will be heargs the beginning and he lets them free just as he let the falcon free.


Sorry, the word he used was ‘regretful’, not frustrated. Some method to pacify fans hexrts delude us into thinking that they had a future?

I do also agree about her last words. I thought Seven Day Queen had amazing wardrobe but this is on another level. He wasn’t there when JSM arrived to have been able to save eoisode, doesn’t make sense how he disappeared and no mention of that!

SINOPSIS Empress Ki Episode 01 – 50 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

What was the ending the writers wanted? That is so right on the money. Please come out with another greatest hits in the future. Your email address will not be published. Applause to the actors for sticking it through and not running away screaming.

The King in Love – Wikipedia

But so what even if OG looks for her in Hell? This is so vague to draw conclusion, nice move from HJH. To say nothing of the fact that when Ah-In first got into the pool and was sitting there thinking about calling DoorMat, I was totally distracted by the continuous gas bubbles that keep popping up from his waistband. La mere, le pere, la tante, GY, An-na, tous sont parti a un temps ou autre. I just read that about DB saying the acting was meh. It’s great now that even knowing his lack of power, he has decided to be a character of more agency and is taking whatever control he can in order to help others.

Happy Endings or endings without death 1 Young-gul and Ga-young band together to produce good, easily marketable fashion and fight against Jae-hyuk who wants to take Young-gul down because of their penis-measuring contest and wants to get rid of Ga-young because she rejected him.

It is based on dramas that achieved good ratings along with some of our own picks. I wonder what is Rin’s thought when Won’s told him that San has fhe else in her mind? This cliffhanger was such a powerful culmination to all our growing conflicts. When they said you shot an arrow to my head, I did not think my son would dare to do that. The disorganization of the plot sinopssi prevented me from investing in the story and the characters.


Shouldn’t there be rewards ofter great acts on their behalf? Boyfriend shirt Goryeo style! He may or may not have spiraled as badly if he had a solid, non-wimpy woman. Notify me of new posts via email. Crappy writing should have been given to neofits in the arena not well zinopsis actors in the trade such as Jehoon, Sekyung or Ahin…what a horrid mumbo jumbo to try and pull off.

Fashion King: Episode 20 (Final) Recap

Won declines and explains that he knows that his mother will take good care of her. Grand Dowager warns the consorts to be smart about who they talk to and interact with in the future. Another one kind of is when San doesn’t drink harts Song In. DoubleFault August 19, at Ying Zheng tells Li Er that even a palace maid knows better than her.

From the moment ASN appeared buJa never came back! I do leave the series firmly believing that Oh-gong will turn the netherworld upside down to retrieve Sun-mi, no question about it. No, this is not the Karaoke scene with GY! Anna Jo also outshined the male lead in Fantasy Couple.