I watched for JCW. Head’s recap was the only thing enjoyable about this show and quite frankly I appreciate her analyses a lot. Groping bit aside, the hotel scenario reminded me quite a bit if Sam-Soon. Pick the right person next time. They have great chemistry together. It’s such a funny relationship also, does anyone watching My Secret Romance recognize Lee Yoomi’s mom as Jiwook’s mom here?

I’m enjoying so far. A big round of applause to HeadsNo2 for recapping this till the end. I just want to sneak hear to see how this drama is going to end. Plus, with Nara clearly coming back into the equation at some point, I’d rather we leave the resolving of that baggage to JW and her. Episode 2 Episode 2. He’s good with comedy too.

The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Do you want to learn to use bolditalics and strickthrough in your posts? Also there are lights on in some of the apartments when the groper spots the murderer, but Hee-joon was murdered during a blackout.

When BH was looking out the window with a deep sigh, the killer may have thought she saw something when really she didn’t because she didn’t have her glasses on. To my eyes the physical performance seemed schizophrenic. Is there actually comedy there?! Tapi dasar Nam Jung, dia tidak mau memberikan Hatinya untuk ayahnya, walau itu ayah tiri. Please click the link in tlmes email to complete the email change process.


Loving You a Thousand Times

Heads said everything I wanted to say about this mess of a drama. Though I’ll definitely be surprised if I ever grow to like her.

Yes not the same murder. I’m just enjoying the banter and relationship-building so much already. The amnesiac killer on the loose is kinda in the plot description.

Episode 14 Episode One is hilariously and seemingly wacko albeit endearingwhile the other is adorably haughty. That’s a good question. Dunno why that was. LW August 18, at After watched her drama hwang jin yi long ago, I was totally impressed by her I mean, come ON Thanks for pointing yoj out!

That song she was yoi, was gold: This wasn’t the best of dramas, but if you only read the recaps, you would think it was the worst. Would it have killed to insert 10 min of Hana thinking about Won or Hana-Won fluttery-angsty-jealousy interactions during the long Seo Hoo focus?

Yep, I don’t think he thought through how much it would suck to have his life always revolve around what Hana wants, while she doesn’t do the same for him. You must give as much love as you receive.

Episode 43 Episode I think he bulked up more? The scene where Bong Hee looked out the window before going out to buy beer, the cap guy was at the roof throwing a body bag into some container of water.

Both Bong-hee and Ji-wook are so extreme in their personality oddities that they both had me cracking up from the very first scene.


Maybe in ten years, he allows. Hana sends him flowers and a note wishing him the best for his performance, and Seo-hoo vows to do better than his best just for her. Honestly, as much as I genuinely like the characters, I sinopsiw the plot itself a little bland except for the first and the final scenes.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Didn’t think anyone was old enough sorry thousamd assuming you’re OLD, because I am hahaha to catch the similarity. Cerulea August 19, at 5: With the exception of making criticisms that are personal to the actors or crew or are superficial, like Won’s hair and personal styling were ugly, then there’s nothing to condemn. He turns to her for verification.

Till Ha Ji Won’s next Daebak drama! Now I have to watch epsode original, I’m so curious about an alternate reality where this story was good after episode 4!