Drama fenomenal ‘Goblin’ memang tak diragukan kualitasnya, baik dari kualitas video maupun akting dari para pemerannya. You don’t expect gutsy from the Hong Sisters. This show is basically a lesson in math. Retrieved January 19, Never watching Hong sisters drama again. Customer Review Rated Bad 8 – 8 out of 10 Definately one of the better shows that i’ve watched so far.

She runs across the street to wave them about and sing the Pororo song, and she successfully gets called crazy. My feeling for this plot is ‘lacking courage’, rather than ‘giving a riddle’. See episode 1, schoolyard scene for the large change Then you have KKJ If I were the director, I could have suggested to the writers that Shin played his character at the end.. He saw that their umbrellas looked similar so he slid his over to her, and she picked his up without even looking. Retrieved from ” https: They completely ignored key plot points in the story to focus on bs and stupidity. Was that just in her head?

Retrieved November 8, Kim Yoonmi, I’m with you on this.

I don’t, however, care for others’ condescending tones that are masked under pseudo-intelligence. I can understand why the Hong sisters opted out of showing KJ in his true form but the ending still sucked massively.

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I dont episodee for adultery reel or real life Hellcats is a plan to answer. Kim Yoonmi July 24, at It was shown on the cable network tvN from December 2,to January 21, The ‘hater-mamma’ would work, if she didn’t create a permanent connection between her husbant and his beloved one by givin her own child to her.

You write well, but you spend your time winopsis to justify artless drivel like this. Since this was a character-based drama rather than an event-based drama like the previous dramas, it’s all about resolving the character arcs. It is different for everyone and just because you are 35, doesn’t mean you are any more or less mature than an 18 year old.


Anyway, I dont care about the brothers and the rest, I just want to see dpisode and KKJ lvoe his own body of course doing all those cute acts that lovers do, for at least 10 minutes you know. And they ruined it all: But what is this??

He asks if they should just run away to the boonies and she vows not to do any more running. This is so lame. Actually overall big is not that bad, its has it own flavour,romance,comedy but its just the patis This show is basically a lesson in math. The end of the Hong Sisters drama by not showing his face also pulled the same kinds of questions forward. That being said, episode one was my favorite and that’s it.

Go sit in a corner and think about what you did. JustJen July 28, at 2: This ending is just making me question what is actually going on.

I also am ib them to borrow more Japanese conventions like they did this time around, though it was kinda incomplete borrowing Can you do that?

Love the Lost reference!

Maya July 25, at But a showcase for one actor does not a drama make. Blood eng sub has been released. That’s where the real drama of the series should have been but the Hong sisters inexplicably decided not to go there and just regurgitated the same conflicts and moping btwn KKJ and Da-ran how many times did they an argument about how they felt about each other?

Are you kidding me? KKJ is immature, but he’s pretty good at reading people Think back to his Uncle He’s good at manipulating people into what he wants. The Finale body swap happens off-screen? Kim Shin kemudian berubah menjadi Goblin, dia paaris untuk dapat hidup selamanya. It starts to rain, and Da-ran hops on the bus. I saw them try to test epixode character, but the character was stubborn because she couldn’t get out from underneath her spisode protective family.


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A semi-open ending makes one think about the journey to get there. You don’t know what the other side of maturity looks sinoppsis. Jewels July 25, at 5: I think they didn’t show the two ih reunion because they couldn’t make up a pretty pink coloured satisfying story for it.

What was the point of the year? OldladyluvHJW July 25, at 8: You wait, Jang Mari! She gives Kyung-joon his watch, newly fixed, and then leaves him with a peck on the cheek. We kinda like that stuff. For more details, please refer to our return policy. CDdigital download. Big also offered us cotton candy but the plot kind of stagnated and then rushed everything in the last episode I think we are always waiting for that body swap moment where KKJ’s soul is going to return to his body and vice versa.

Wildsong July 25, at 6: My expectations were high going in and then I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting addicted as it went on like other Hong Sisters Dramas.

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Brandi July 25, at 6: Kyung-joon spends the entire next day trying to see Da-ran, but the Gil Family is on high alert, taking shifts to watch her every move.

This series is really cute.

Kyung-joon plays it cool, saying that he just came around simopsis he was curious how she was doing, and she says she knows the real reason his little crush. Yeah, I’m happy that ‘rabbit’ is getting better, but the kid is a totally side character!