Jo Min Ah Supporting Cast. They did a really good job with Tae Seo’s make up after his torture. Sur May 1, at Lee Do Kyung Supporting Cast. And so far, our second lead has had only one scene with YW – and his response to her was more like that of a ‘good friend that I haven’t seen for some time’. I wanted to give her a standing ovation but I like to be sitting, when I am watching my dramas: Not to mention their parents deaths would most likely be blamed on him or his actions. Or would you be generous with the punches and entertaining some murderous thoughts?

Download the latest version here. I love that she doesn’t discount that yes, KC killed people or he would have been arrested and used by the baddie , however she wants to know why that happened and how that affected KC. I’m glad LSS honored that request. Berlanjut Tae Seo yang telah dicuci otak, ia membawa pedang lalu mencari Kang Chi. I see the problem with Chung-jo and Tae-seo, although I would hope they would take their lifelong knowledge of Kang-chi and realize that he would never willingly abandon them. I like that KC will have people who will be on his side while struggling to accept his gumiho fate.

I get that you do not like the character, and do not like the fact that people think Sung Joon has a main role sorry, but if it episoee like a duck and talks like a duck Romantic Where Stars Land Wow, the fight scene between Gon and Kang-chi was so boring.

I don’t doubt for a minute that she would want to do the same thing if she got kangcni chance though I suspect that she might try to go about it a bit smarter maybe hire assassins. Then, as she lived with episdoe, she learned who he was, saw how gentle he could be, how lonely he was, and basically, she saw his heart, and she saw that it was good. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Still, I thought sinoopsis was funny.


You can’t put stuff in the winopsis description and expect people to know it; you have to show it in the drama. I wonder if the writer had a change of mind. Yoo Yeon Seok Main Cast. This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat Perhaps my desire for more facial expressions is really just an attempt at asking for more chemistry. Episode 7 by girlfriday. I think Tae-soo is already smitten with Yeo-wool if his face lighting up like a Christmas tree at the sight of her is any indication. Getting into trouble and solving problems with his own fists but at the moment he is undergoing his own trials that he would have easily forgotten about the others.

Chung-jo wakes up still tied to the tree, and finds herself surrounded by townspeople, clucking in dismay. I liked Gon and Kang-chi’s fight, but then of sinopsid the movements do get a bit lost between the darkness and Gon’s black clothes.

Wol-ryung successfully lives most of these days following these rules, but one day, Gwan-woong’s men find Seo-hwa alone in the forest. Much better if his love for Yeo-wool and friendship with everybody anchors him in this world enough to be human when he wants.

How many dramas have we seen where characters angst and worse, die or kill over misunderstandings that could have been avoided had they thought of speaking up instead of taking the Noble Idiot route.


Episode 24

Sung Joon Supporting Cast. Besides the bracelet was placed on KC yes, but Gon had no way of knowing the extent of its powers on him so knocked him out just to be sure-better safe than sorry methinks! Kang Chi begitu lega melihat Tae Soo telah sadarkan diri. I want to kill them all! One thing I’m sure of There are few more points that I can easily bring on this point itself but due to the length of this post will be leaving it for now.

Creature, who goes through in order. I wonder what Suzy and Kang Chis reaction will be when they discover that her dad was the one that killed his dad.

She slaps her for her insubordination, and Jo Gwan-woong laughs that he enjoys watching her from afar too. I figured he hit him to subdue him, cuz for a minute there he kinda lost consciousness momentarily and because of that they were able to tie him up-no?

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The story revolves begknning a 38 years old housewife. I’m seriously so glad someone finally has some power over GW. I guess am the only one then whose first reaction was smart boy!

And that was a good death. Suzy has such an awesome character sketch to work with and she’s really not doing much with it