Now I super love JSW! I think the storyline you provided made more sense because we can root for her vying for his love rather than watching her trying to make Jung-Woo fit into what her first husband was. Episode 16 was a bit rushed. He insists that she did it herself, but thanks to their hangovers, neither is able to clearly remember what happened last night. Jung-woo is working overtime at the office when Ae-ra walks in. How in the world did her brother become Gwa Jang him in JW’s company? Their dynamic and relationship was the same as it ever was, just with more understanding.

There was absolutely no need for her character to turn out that way. Team Leader Wang and Manager Kang. But I still rewatched the episodes – Cunning Single Lady was great! While I am all for Jung-woo and Ae-ra reuniting, Seung-hyun shines as such a pretty flower boy good guy on the sidelines for me: Kim Eung Soo Supporting Cast. I love this version of Jung-woo, who cowers in front of Ae-ra when she gets mad, yet steadfastly ignores her attempts to be a Noble Idiot.

Now I super love JSW! Jung-woo was right in Episode 15… they have got to install opaque walls in that thing! But it dealt with the issue of divorce in a way that seemed realistic, without losing any of the humor, sweetness, or playfulness that first drew me in.

She geared up for her big sacrifice, like so many other misguided heroes and heroines in dramaland, then blurted out the whole thing the moment she had a few too many shots. This is one thing that differed from first marriage – that Ae Ra believed and supported his programming venture.

At the beginning of the drama I thought that we were going to have a villain because of Ae Ra’s stolen Dramq and the security guy, but that was completely dropped. Returned mother also probably helps. Absolutely adored how caring Ae Ra was to Jung Woo Stop staring and eat.

One of the first dramas I watched when I started down my dark path of addiction to k-dramas. I especially was impressed with Joo Sang Wook because I didn’t think he’d be this adorkable I think the drama perfectly cunnihg that when you actually married for love and just bc you didnt get any kids out of that marriage, it doesnt mean all ties are so easily cut; wherein being widowed isnt just as easy as being single again.


Agree with you on that point, the Secretary and Papa Guk flashback was a little pointless. It was sweet and funny and touching and just lovely. Ae-ra scoffs that for an IT leader, this proposal is surprisingly low-tech. I’m so glad Lee Min-Jung finally has a good rom-com. Haven’t felt this way for a drama in so long because nothing feels like too much bull. Oh Na Mi Supporting Cast. Thanks so much for recapping for us and congratulations on your baptism of rom-com. The knowledge that death is near –or far– or possibly might occur at anytime Seeing her solemn face, he leaps up, announcing a new plan to enjoy a boat ride continuing to avoid her attempts at a heart-to-heart conversation.

At first you are supposed to question it, but when you see the flashback to her spilling the beans about her noble plan you see that she was in her normal clothes, he put her to bed and really just had to change her clothes because she threw up. Kwon Ki Sun Supporting Cast. Besides, I don’t think skinship is always necessary to show affection. Yeo Jin hit a new low. We leave our favorite couple briefly to follow up on the unfortunate Kook siblings. President Kook may lqdy finally decided to sinopsls his wife, but bromance heals even the deepest of wounds!

Absolutely love love love this drama This is what a drama needs, make the people feel happy till the endand leave a satisying impression after it.

Lee Min-jung – I think, if a different actress sinopis played across from JSW, he would have been stealing scenes left and right. Im a big fan of Joo sang wook now. What kind of annoyed me was that the writers used a lot of what looked like time skips in the last two episodes to fit everything in. She turned all crazy when rejected but she just looks pathetic to me Seung hyun?

Andrea March 11, at 9: L’s facial expression were the best they’ve been in this drama, and I guess these types of conversations suit him well. I was confused whether slnopsis actually slept together or not. Soju needs to be marketed internationally as “Korean Truth Serum. This time, I love both of them.


They do have a great chemistry! Episode 6 by Helcat. I think the storyline you provided made more sense because we can root for her vying for his love rather than watching her trying to make Jung-Woo fit into what her first husband was. What a psycho guy But Team Manager Wang and Manager Kam immediately leap up to intervene, and surprisingly Song-hee actually listens to their request to give Ae-ra a little privacy.

Money may buy you a facsimile of it but ultimately a siingle has to do some real work to get a love that is lasting. And there were no flashback scenes to confirm they had, so I think the writers left it up it the air without certainty on purpose? Undoubtedly, you two as a couple is one of the BEST couple kdrama has ever produced. I really like the alternative story that purplecow made for Yeo-jin.

Free hosting has reached the end of its useful life

I really like how they deliver the noble idiocy and wish that most romcoms will be like that. I even liked the Guk siblings as a counterpoint to Ae-ra and Jung-woo.

Both of you never failed to give us an honest to goodness romantic comedy drama. That was such a good watch.

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I think episode 15 was my favorite. Sly is definitely on my ‘Fav’ list. I love the way he says to her that he’s still actually quite rich and it’s not going to be the same as it was before this time around.

But then, it turn out like this. Yes, she really did. Thank you for the recap!