I was pretty sure that the Jade Emperor healed and gave the power to Eun Oh when he got sick but i was pretty surprised that he actually died and brought back to life. What happened to her? Arang would have to really really accept that the JE has eviler intentions than Bad Fairy. Can they simply have a modern spinoff of this tale Otherwise, I would be having nightmares for months. Eunoh-Muyeong fight scene is so jjang! Sebentar lagi kita merayakan Natal dan Tahun Baru yang waktunya hampir bersamaan. And on the one hand, I am afraid of what Bad Fairy will offer Arang for the body, on the other, why would she believe anything Bad Fairy says?

ESpecially those 2 mind remains intact. I once watched a show where one side of the loving couple undergoes such irrecoverable memory loss not fantasy btw but loves again regardless. Mereka mampir untuk melihat kakek setelah acara piknik itu dan kakek menduga Mi-ho pasti sangat special hingga mampu membawa Dae-woong ke kebun binatang. Kiara September 20, at 6: As the town’s newly installed magistrate, he teams up with her to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death, which may involve the mysterious nobleman Joo-wal. If you kill yourself out of nobility, imma kill you, I swear! However I have the same question, didnt Joo Wal remember before three years ago that the demon is still not yet in Eun Oh mother’s form?

Mac September 25, at 8: Would definitely want to see that: Mi-ho mendapatkan ide untuk magishrate menderita demi melindungi Dae-woong, jadi hari2 yang tersisa memiliki arti yang sangat keramat. I want to devour every single details and scenes. There is one other question that entirely niggles at my conscious: Dia mengatakan bahwa satu2nya hal yang bisa dia lakukan adalah mengatakan yang sebenarnya pada Dae-woong.

Ddama wonder how things will end up for Eunoh now that we know he was once dead.

He ended his mortal life to escape the memories. Some versions of Northern Buddhism has more gods in it. Still doesn’t forgive his actions but I feel like his situation makes more sense like that.


SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

And cake is cake anyway you slice it. That’s superb speed, thought I need to wait till my noon time before I can read it ;D Will further comment after reading the recaps. I, too, am forever grateful. As for the arrang for being a murderor — isn’t that what Joo-Wal is currently?

I also didn’t think of what an above comment said that was precisely the reason why they showed the adult versions of the characters. Certainly, this is not just about sleuthing anymore, this requires some heart as opposed to hard thinking.

Up in the bridge between heaven and hell, the Jade Emperor practices his fishing form. I will ,agistrate dare… to love you. And with both parties awake. Di tempat itu pula, Mi-ho dan Dae-woong berada. He may be protective of Arang now, which is sweet yes, but it’s still irks me how anyone can still want Arang with JW after knowing he killed her once AND he possibly killed Seo-Rim according to ep 16 preview.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

Was saving Eun-oh the thing that upset the balance? Thanks, Manager ck1Oz for your work!!! The only reason he could kill so heartlessly, was because he thought he wont remember all his evil deeds and that he will forget them anyway. Joo-wal storms into his room, stewing in rage. The picture blurs, giving us a version with dramw Arang and Eun-oh. Is this a mistake or a clue? Because both lived fairly heartbreaking lives in their previous 1, and this way I get the ghe of knowing they would enjoy every single last minute together of the new ones.

Why do you hate this world world so much? Bagaimana pun juga, orang tua Dae-woong meninggal setelah mereka pulang dari kebun binatang dan sejak saat itu, Dae-woong tidak suka kebun binatang.

Aku tidak akan mati untukmu dan jangan melakukan itu untukku. The man raises his sword…. Joo-wal comes by to witness the rest of the scene, though nobody pays him any heed. Lalu, Mi-ho mengajari Hye-in gerakan tangan ajaibnya. Thank you, Off to read: Wouldn’t that be even more of d. By the way, thank you for the recaps! Yes, to honor Seo-Rim so Seo-Rim’s heart could be known I think I’d die of happiness from the dimples-overload.


I also love how the drama highlights that Eun-oh had autonomy, the whole way through.

It’s been some time since they introduced us to new elements like the books of life and death, etc. Setelah itu, Dae-woong mencium Mi-ho ketika air mata jatuh di pipi Dae-woong. Kali ini ada cahaya biru keluar dari mulut Dae-woong saat Mi-ho mengambil kembali manik2nya.

He says his master gave him the fan, saying it would kill ghosts. Eun-oh ducks out of sight and tells the girl she looks familiar. Kau akan melupakan segalanya, dan kau tidak akan memberikanku talinya, lalu kau akan bersama Tukang Fitnah Internet Hye-in dan Melong Sun-nyeo arag, benar kan? Up in heaven, Hades tsks-tsks that Mu-young ended up saving Mu-yeon after all.

Thanks for the recap. Like he can pretend it was another him and not him. Sounds to me like you only have matistrate things to say whenever you leave comments here. Mi-ho bisa memikirkan ulang keputusannya selama sisa 50 hari ini. I still want JW to live with the reanimated body of SR. Can I share on soompi’s thread ur comment please?

I mean living as a Goat in Heaven Mama J October 18, at 8: The Big Bad is supposed to be more than years kotea, so that’s a lot of bodies.