They try to interview DL, but security is too strict. Amu tries to convince Maa to stop, but he ignores her. On Amu’s way home, she bumps into a little boy. It’s cleaning day for the entire school. Amu tells Haruki that it’s okay as long as you enjoy the way you eat it. One day, the Tsukiyomi siblings come to Tadase’s place. The Embryo shows up, so Lulu tells Ikuto to grab it, but Ikuto had left earlier on. In the end, they find the two of them resting on each other, exhausted from their day.

Before they can find him, Easter does and takes him away. Su then finds Mimori, a girl that loves cooking but isn’t good at it so instead, she says she wants to be a critic. After the dust cleared, Hikaru explains that he collected gems in an attempt to fill the void in his heart. Amu finds Saito later. She then throws a farewell party. It turns out Wakana wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

On their way home, the kid Amu bumped into comes up to her and asks her if he got the ingredients for taiyaki right, but Amu says not to worry so much.

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Kazuomi brings out the device that has been controlling Ikuto, a tuning fork. However, Amu drops by Lulu’s house gogoanimf visit Nana. Prism Music, and succeeds. Amu shows up, but Utau won’t listen to her.

At first, Amu wasn’t sure how to defeat him, but after filling his gift sack with pom-poms, his bag burst. At school, Nikaidou gives an essay assignment to the Star Class about their dreams for the future. Ikuto feels some pain but it goes away later because the device had lost connection. Afterwards, Amu and Utau leave the shop. Retrieved June 10, Easter has made a device that causes Ikuto’s violin to hurt him using X Egg energy, and they set it on high for a test.


The Guardians transform, but only Amu and Tadase go after Ikuto. They head off to see Hitomi hypnotized, singing and putting everybody in a trance.

Wakana performs a spell that makes them fall in line, but Amu protests, breaking free and attacks. Saaya transforms into Hinamori Dream. Miki, Su, Tadase, and Amu are thrown back to the real world, and Ran also returns.

Maa’s mom comes, and Maa insists she buy him origami paper because he is “done with clay.

Tadase begins to suspect things even more, and Amu gets worried. While talking, Amu starts to wonder if she really should or should not tell him. Eggs and Amu asks about her dream and what it is, but Lulu tells her to leave. Tadase gets furious and upset at Amu, and hurries out of her house. Egg using a special ruby necklace. Meanwhile, the other Guardian Characters go to the amusement park to look for clues, but find nothing and decide to go on the rides.

Tsukasa stops by and tells them that he built the room and that it was fun. When Amu is heading home, it rains, so she stops under a tree. Lulu turns their Heart’s Eggs into?

Character Transforming to Amulet Clover, Amu takes a wave of chocolate with whisk and bowl and makes some of her own, curing everyone of hypnosis. Amu returns home and gets ready to go to bed.

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Kiseki mourns for the statue after the collapse. Ikuto and Amu talk about Utau. The Guardians decide to help them, with Rima coaching. The rain clears, showing a rainbow.


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Amu asks Tadase what exactly happened between him and Ikuto, and Tadase agrees to tell her. Rima tells the voices of the affected children that there are things they can’t do, but it makes everyone unique and makes them try harder. The opening theme from episodes 90 to is “School Days”, also performed by Guardians 4.

Doki is the sequel to the Japanese anime television series Shugo Chara! Yukari and Nikaidou blush when they realize they said that to the audience. Eggs into X Eggs, and then purifies them. Views Read Edit View history. She eventually meets up with the rest of the Guardians.

They eventually find Kiran’s owner and part ways after Hinako is troubled, hurting Kiran.

During a conversation, Utau mentions Amu hasn’t told her anything about Ikuto lately. Platinum Royale catches up to them, and Tadase forgives Ikuto. They try to interview DL, but security is too strict.

Archived from the original on August 12, At first, Nayuta is highly enthusiastic about UFOs, but episodr she learns the crop circle was a prank, her self-esteem lowers to the point where Nana could detect it.

Tadase, Yaya, and Amu witness this, then go off. After Nana refuses to eat, Lulu trips on the waste basket and finds out that Nana ate all of the banana yokan.