Shyamal asks Shekhar to talk to Shreelesh about it. Gangadhar and everyone in the Tipre miss Nikita. Masala min Comedy, Drama 7. Shekhar comes back from Australia. Shalaka has decided not to go back to Australia, and search for a suitable job in Mumbai itself. The so-called Gunda of the village, he is fondly called as Dada by his associates. Nikita comes back home and is totally shaken. Gangadhar is contented to see Shalaka.

Shalaka is elated to be back home and everyone at the Tipre household too is ecstatic to see her. Shekhar gets a promotion and informs everyone about it. The story of couple who move from town to town, city to city due to failure in business and afraid of facing people to whom they owe money they took for business. Shyamrao Deshmukh is a selfish politician. Shyamal and Shekhar get emotional on seeing her. Rudram 22 min Mystery 9. Audible Download Audio Books. Not Rated min Family, Musical, Romance.

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Shekhar scolds Shreelesh as he comes back home very late at night but everyone gets stunned to see Shalaka with Shreelesh. A father of 10 year old boy is struggling to buy new school uniform for his son. Shekhar tries in vain to talk to Gangadhar. Keshya, a simple villager believes that god has arrived in his village but everyone disbelieves him.

Everyone panics but Gangadhar’s operation is completed successfully. Narbachi Wadi min Comedy 7. Ghanshyam, a fun loving foodie, living in a joint family, has rejected 63 girls for marriage. Not Rated min Crime, Drama. Chakwa min Mystery 7.


Ek Daav Dhobhipachhad min Comedy 7. Two strangers are forced into a life of servitude to the local deity. YZ min Comedy 7. Shekhar speaks to Shreelesh and makes him understand to learn from the mistakes he had done in his past. They fall in love and want to start a new life but will the wrath of a highly superstitious community let them live in peace?

Shreelesh asks his friends to find the guy named Samir who has sent the love letter to Nikita. Everyone is overjoyed and Shreelesh is more than happy to see Gangadhar back. Jhing Chik Jhing min Drama, Family 8. Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre Season 1. Prabhakar is a simple person Shyamal tells Nikita to take Shreelesh along with her wherever she goes. Tejas Vijay Deoskar Stars: Shekhar even talks to Kharkar’s family members and makes them understand the entire scenario.

Shekhar calls up at his office and finds out that Gangadhar is stranded there. Shreelesh tries in vain to convince him.

Shriyht son Varad was married earlier but his first wife left him in few months while second wife committed suicide on the wedding day itself. The Uniform II min Drama 7.

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Shreelesh tells Shekhar that episodee has to visit a friend’s father who is in the hospital and says that he’ll be staying with them till late at night. Finally Shekhar manages to open the lock and brings Gangadhar home. Everyone is convinced on hearing this. Poshter Boyz min Comedy 7.


Everyone feels relieved as finally Gangadhar gets a discharge from the hospital. The doctor asks Shekhar to get some medical tests done. Arvind calls up Nikita and tells her that he has sent the tickets and she has to leave in two days.

Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre — 22 min Family 8. Gangadhar refuses but Shreelesh gets excited and breaks this news to everyone.

Gangadhar comes home and tells everyone that the owner of the dog was found and he took him back. As he reflects on his life, he wonders about that unfinished business. Zhalla Bobhata min Comedy 8. Shekhar comes to know that Shyamal informed Mrs.

They realize that Shyamal is deeply hurt as they didn’t help her in the household work and apologize to her. Nikita is happy that Shaila is doing fine now but at the same time feels sad to part from the Tipre family.