Complete Seasons Episode 5 without the Mighty Eagle. Completed Summer Pignic 59 Unlock 5 Golden Egg levels. Head into Classic, and fire up the first episode. Completed Wreck the Halls 40 You can get it by launching a White bird backwards and dropping the egg bomb so it lands right next to the egg. There is no estimated timeframe for a public fix at this time.

Rest somewhat easy knowing most of Seasons is a lot easier than this, and the episodes are overall very short. Complete Seasons Episode 5 without the Mighty Eagle. Luckily you only have to put up with him for 15 levels, and the video guides can be found in the same place as the usual Mighty Eagle videos, so it’s not all that bad. Completed Ham’O’Ween 39 No wrenches on this level. Complete all Golden Egg levels. Here is a little bit of an index for you to work from:.

Complete Seasons Episode 5 without the Mighty Eagle.

Complete Classic Episode 4 without the Mighty Eagle. Prepare to occasionally wake up in the middle of the night though, screaming after a nightmare about Rovio announcing new DLC Seasonz Bad Piggies 38 The Golden Egg will then drop down and start swinging back and forth.


Angry Birds Trilogy Walkthrough – Page 4

Completed Trick or Treat 50 You are a Superstar 78 Bottom right – The easiest way to get this one is grefdings fire the birds fairly high and attempt to topple the right structure on top of the wrench. Bust that piece wood and the Golden Egg will drop down and start swinging around. I holden the egg in level 13, and have all 3 stars, In the picture here it shows a big red greedinggs with 3 gold stars li,a golden egg to the right,and a blue present to the left.

Get 3 stars in all levels in an episode. Completed Surf and Turf 40 Golden Eggs do not count towards your points total. Smash Ice Blocks. Completed Birdday Party 37 Complete Seasons Episode 3 without the Mighty Eagle.

Angry Birds Seasons Greedings Golden Egg Walkthrough

Break the evgs clover that sits to the left of the slingshot and it will trigger the block underneath the Golden Egg. Trick or Treat Golden Eggs Walkthroughs. Smash a distant pig with a direct hit. Clear out a level completely without the Mighty Eagle.

Fling a bird backwards towards the bottom left part of the level off the screen.

With some luck and good aim use one of the remaining birds to hit the Golden Egg. Completed Back to School.


This will often cause the entire level to be cleared, including the wrench. There are 20 wrenches in total, but this list is ordered by level numbers, so don’t get confused over that.

Briquid Mini WP Guide.

On top of the third tower – Just shoot it with any bird. Completed Surf and Turf.

Angry Birds Seasons Seasons Greedings Golden Egg #1 Walkthrough

Rovio was ehgs to reproduce the issue on their own, thus it is not repaired in v3. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.

Wright Flyer 13 Get 10, total points. Here is a little bit of an index for you to work from: Completed Mooncake Festival 58 The World’s Hardest Game.