Is there something in her that she is not telling her family? The events that happen in their lives test them. After ten years since abandoning his family, Franco Christopher de Leon decides to return and patch things up. From a close-up of Alonzo’s stoic face while uttering words that can only devastate her father, the camera zooms out to reveal De Leon ‘s profile, humbled by the revelations relayed by his daughter. Much credit should be given to Bea, who has brought life to a spectrum of very different characters in her career and this film has proven that she can rise up to any challenge. Also notable is how natural Enchong Dee is onscreen that you can see the realness of his character. However, we would tell you why “Sa ‘yo Lamang” is a far inferior version of the earlier movie. Struggling to make ends meet, taking care

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Or does just want to feel loved by the very persons he was trying to get away from? Full Cast and Crew. The room is dimly lit, and Guillen smartly makes use of the limited light and the persisting shadows to dictate the mood. You can also add our site toolbar for FREE by clicking here. The mother bore a child and had to separate the baby away from her family hoping for a new start.

It’s a family drama movie that features a typical Filipino family with issues and struggles. Don’t let the simple premise of “August Falls” fool you. All one can do is to succumb to heartaches for both the resilient daughter and the apologetic father.

I am also glad that this movie is devoid of awkward acting, unlike many Tagalog movies that tend to have that pattern of possessing one, two, or twenty scenes with awkward acting, script, and sequence. Click here to report it, or see our DMCA policy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After ten years since abandoning his family, Franco Christopher de Leon decides to return and patch things up.

The movie talks about a father Cristopher de Leon who left his family. Retrieved 2 September Posted by Miss J at 6: Excellently and brilliantly weaved together into a dramatic masterpiece, Sa ‘Yo Lamang is something that will surely become a Timeless Filipino Classic. The family, considered as an invaluable social element, is a persisting Filipino need.


We will later find out that he has impregnated his girlfriend Shaina Magdayao. February 227: Catholicism on the other hand needs no further explanation.

The Journey: Sa ‘yo Lamang

However, we would tell you lqmang “Sa ‘yo Lamang” is a far inferior version of the earlier movie. Can ambitiousness equate to it being lamnag classic Filipino film? The mother Lorna Tolentino and the first daughter Bea Alonzo did all they can to feed the rest of the members.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Will love, faith and forgiveness prevail during the most lamanng times in their life?

Sa ‘Yo Lamang bombards you with powerful performances; extremely high powered dramatic performances that just come one after the other. Retrieved from ” https: Inasmuch as Guillen has poured her mastery of the filmmaking craft and her personal convictions as a Catholic mother who has suffered and survived familial hardships through faith to the making of the film, she generously allows her lamanng to also belong her actors who portray their roles with a proficiency and sensitivity that is pleasantly surprising even from the cast-members who’ve already established reputations as great actors.

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However, Coco Martin displayed a tendency to go over the top. Will she ever forgive him? Over time, the great wall between Franco and Dianne comes down and they realize that it is not too late for their family to become whole again.

The family has always been an important part in our local stigma. It’s a tricky premise that Guillen interprets deftly and without having to place judgments by sudden changes in moral perspectives and personality.

And thus the start of the journey of Dianne and moviee family as they discover their family’s secrets. More than the irritating presence of Franco, what hurts Dianne the most is how her mom wholeheartedly accepts Franco back to live with them again, and how her siblings allow him to be their father again, as if he never left.



Undeniably, the two films have a lot of similarities such as its central theme of faith as well as the famous and memorable fade to white effect. But everything in her life shatters when her dad, Franco, returns after ten years of being with his mistress.

move Newer Post Older Post Home. One notable moment is the kissing scene between Enchong Dee and Lauren Young in the pool. September 36: No star needed to be given extra minutes or a better storyline because every character complimented each other well.

The events that happen in their lives test them. You can also add our site toolbar for FREE by clicking here. From the director who gave us Tanging Yaman lzmang, Laurice Guillen, is back with another heart-warming family drama which teaches us about love, faith and life.

Dianne seems to movke a happy family. Starting out as a seemingly weak character as she is left in the background by Dianne who dominates the household, she shapeshifts, and little by little, exposing cracks to her character, some of which are reprehensible. Views Read Edit View history. The official music video was directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. When Coby Coco Martinfrustrated that his pregnant ex-girlfriend Shaina Magdayao has been allowed to stay in the family home, rapes mogie and in the middle of the rape changes his hateful stares to looks of pity, mercy, and perhaps, love, Guillen communicates the surprising change tagalig heart via an extremely tight close-up, allowing her actors, Martin with his invaluably expressive eyes and Magdayao with her exquisite turn as a woman who has suffered enough to accept anything as simple turns of fate, to take part in the storytelling.