Mal sees that there is tons of blood around his heart and Joel performs emergency surgery to drain the blood. The doctors are forced to deal with people from their past as Alex, Charlie, and Joel take on the daunting task of operating on a malpractice lawyer known for suing every doctor in his path. Charlie talks smack about him while Joel defends Luke. TV Feeds My Family. Alex Reid to navigate family secrets in order to put her young patient on the road to recovery. When the life of one of the doctors at Hope Zion Hospital is at risk, Alex has to put her personal and professional issues aside. In the second half of a two-part episode, Charlie returns to Hope Zion Hospital to find Maggie in jeopardy. Zach Miller’s patient is admitted with symptoms mirroring those of Ebola — putting himself and Dr.

Goran saves a veteran’s arm. Charlie talks smack about him while Joel defends Luke. Alex is pissed that no one told her about Luke. Joel performs surgery on Karn Billy MacLellan , whose self-implanted horns have become infected. Zachary Miller Glenda Braganza Zach Miller Benjamin Ayres is still struggling to cope with the traumatic death of his close friend, and Dr.

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“Saving Hope” Wishbones (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Mal sees that there is tons of blood around wishbojes heart and Joel performs emergency surgery to drain the blood. Does she realize who she is saying this line to?

Dawn Bell on temporary leave, Dr. Meanwhile, Joel secretly helps Sonja deal with a wisjbones of hers who’s been admitted to Hope Zion Hospital. Retrieved 8 July The only way to see it there is not entirely on the up and up i. Chief of Surgery Dr.


Retrieved 8 February Charles Harris Michael Shanks are involved sunopsis a car accident while on the way to their wedding. Retrieved from ” https: Season 4 episode titles are The Rolling Stones song titles.

Alex Reid has to juggle her duties as a new mother and a surgeon when she takes a junior resident under her wing.

“Saving Hope” Wishbones (TV Episode ) – Plot Summary – IMDb

However, the patient has an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and slips into a coma. Alex gets caught between Dana and her daughter.

Goran’s patient is a paralyzed woman who is discovered not to be paralyzed. Luke is brought into Hope-Zion so further his care hopw Charlie is brought into consult. Shahir Hamza has taken up the hospital’s top post as Interim Chief, bringing Hope Zion Hospital up to his strict standards for care and composure.

Pop Goes The World

Ta-da — 96 words! Alex and Joel discover the mother is in need of a transplant—and her son is very adamant that he be involved in the surgery. The show’s central character is Dr. Calfous where Zach says that he is one good looking dude. Charlie must explain his actions. Plus, new resident Rian and Maggie search the hospital for Hope Zion’s very first “code brown”, which results in having to answer to a shaken Dawn. Sydney Katz Stacey Farberwho throws Maggie off her game. An Epic Beginning Sees 2.

Joel Goran Julia Chan Lin says “Oh, like Superman. Joel tries to figure out his new role as Chief of Staff as he and the other docs are out to solve medical mysteries, perform heroic surgeries, and navigate complicated — and racy — relationships. Something bad happens to Joel whiles he’s out with Zach.

Maggie Lin at risk of exposure to the deadly virus. She tells him that she thinks that is good looking in his own way but not as sexy as Dr.


The relationship between Alex and Joel is tested by a marathon surgery session involving an injured race-car driver. His belongings are searched and a psychic ‘s business card is found.

Charlie Michael Shanks saw a lot of ghosts, some he helped through the strange liminal space they were all in, and some helped him.

Lists of Canadian drama television series episodes. To make matters worse, she makes a promise to a young girl, whose own birthday is derailed by her father’s sickle cell crisis. Tom has to make a decision when he discovers a secret. Alex wrangles the team in a high bid effort to diagnose the mysterious illness that haunts a beloved English teacher.

But he realized that he was still seeing ghosts and Alex was left standing at the altar…waiting. The board questions the hospital staff about Charlie’s behaviour; a patient convinces Alex to use new-age techniques; Qishbones agrees to do an in-utero surgery.

This makes Maggie fell better but not so for Gavin it seems. This interrupts their sexy times. Edit Storyline Wishbojes Alex’s brother Luke is admitted to Hope Zion Hospital in critical condition, Joel and Charlie must work together to keep him alive while keeping his admittance a secret from Alex.

Email required Address never made public. Charlie talks smack about him while Joel defends Luke. In the second half of a two-part episode, Charlie returns to Hope Zion Hospital svaing find Maggie in jeopardy.