Information, ideas, text, logos, images, graphics, and photographs, contained on this blog are the exclusive property of blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”. God willing, he will always be spoken about this way with respect and high regard. Meanwhile, Gabriela and Benito are having a meal together in her villa. Mahidevran and the Signora greet each other then Mahidevran says that if she has come for the Shehzade, that he is not here. The Sabri Brothers – Tajdar-e-Haram nassimpa 7 years ago. Suleyman says that how easy to forget when Francois asked help from Suleyman against Charles I heard that you visited him.

He says that the Sultan has ordered Mustafa to the Pay-i-Taht at once. From a large chest, Mahidevran pulls out a mirror. Hurrem turns to Mihrimah: Gabriela replies that she just met him, but that she actually came for her Mahidevran , that she has a gift which she wished to present. When Rustem has left, Yahya says: I swear by Allah, all of the things I am being accused of are actually things he has done. Ayaz Pasha, you get started on the war preparations.

Deepto TV 3 years ago. She tells them all to leave.

What will I do now? Bali Bey says that the Sultan knows better, but adds that in his own humble opinion it is more important and a more important job, for him to be in Diyarbakir, because that area is easily disturbed by troubles – so you need a loyal and successful Pasha I swear by Allah, all of the things Solran am being accused of are actually things he has done. He has not only stopped giving us taxes, but he has fallen into betrayal by attacking Poland, whom we have a peace treaty with.


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Back in the Vatican, Charles says: Hundreds of thousands of Christians are under their rule. This haeim cannot be copied, reproduced, or used without written permission from blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”.

As a Pasha at your command, my job is to give you recommendations from my past war experiences. Archived from the original on 4 March Shah Sultan called Bali Bey and he is there now. Does she still not want this marriage? Mustafa is in his tent when his guard says that Rustem has arrived. Mercan says he does not know. I have heard that you have disrespected your ancestors and me by disobeying my orders, and by standing up against me under my own rule. Is there something I sajson know about?

The Pay-i-taht is under saisonn protection, Mustafa Pasha. Then she says if he has time, she wishes to meet him as well. He will also provide strength to us against Hurrem. In the next scene, Nigar is packing and Rustem is pensive. Archived from the original on 17 September Otherwise, soltam we do not listen to our orders, that swison be disobeying a command i. In the Vatican, the Pope says: Archived from the original on 14 July She does not want to sell, I could not convince her.

Do not fall into the same trap again. I thought Mustafa would get up and revolt Outside in the hallway, he comes across Gabriela. Gabriela replies that she just met him, but that she actually came for her Mahidevranthat she has a gift which she wished to present.

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Mustafa tells him he is there to say goodbye as it is time to go. Bali Bey said you are still just a child! Mihrimah looks troubled and Mercan says that he will help, but Mihrimah says: My brother Ferdinand and the governor of Bogdan will keep Suleyman busy. At the same time, Mustafa meets his brothers Bayezid and Cihangir and promises that he would never kill them for taking the throne.


In this festive edition of The I spoke with Bali Bey and Lutfi Pasha, they are both recommending you to take 58 place.

From now on you will be my Kubbe Vizier, may God make it beneficial for you. She walks up some steps and opens up a door This site is owned and operated by blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”.

I want to listen to what he has to say as well. Ebu Suud gets up and rushes over: And while knowing you did not tell me anything!

The attacker was another archer sent by Behram Pasha. Suddenly Mahidevran walks into the room and asks why Gabriela is here, and she soktan she was waiting for her. If we have peace, we can also take on those Godless Germans too! Then Mihrimah and Shah Sultan arrive.

June 24, at 4: Our Shehzade wanted to award them according to the customs.